Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Exchange time

July has come round again so quickly and that means that I can show what I stitched for my partner who just happened to be my daughter this year. I've had this chart for ages, in fact I have at least three of this one that I have been gifted over time so I thought I'd stitch the needlebook but made it up a little different to what it should be. I forgot to take a photo of the inside but there was just a pocket to put the scissors in and  a few homemade pins tucked away inside. I also made the project bag which she said she'd like after seeing the ones that I'd made for myself. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for my exchange to arrive so I can't show what I have received but I'm sure it will turn up soon.

I started something new, after looking through some old cross stitching magazines I saw this chart of Sunshine Susan by Lesley Teare  from 2004 and I needed something to cheer me up so the pretty colours will certainly help.

I'm still spending time in the garden though I've still not got much energy but it helps to be outside even if I just manage to do a bit of dead heading. We have a wasps nest at the bottom of the garden in the compost heap so I'm keeping out of the vegetable garden while they are flying about, there seems to be so many of them.

The two photos above are of two new additions to the garden, I love dahlias and these were on sale from the garden centre a short walk down the road from us. It has recently been extended so lots more plants to tempt me.

The rudbeckia and delphiniums are growing well and if you look close in the middle of the tree branches you can just make out the first flower to open in the tulip tree.

DH is working away cutting down the hedge at the side of the garden, it has grown too tall so we are cutting it to a more manageable height before we get too old to do it, it's a shame really as it makes the garden more private but while he's been cutting it down he's found such a lot of deadwood so it needed doing.

That's about all to tell for now so I'll go and make a cuppa and decide what to do next.

Take care, love


Thursday, 23 June 2022

Catching up with myself

Hasn't it been a hot one this week, even Gizmo has been finding it hard to get somewhere in the shade. He's getting on a bit now and finding it all a bit too hot. 

There's not been a lot going on as both Tony and I have had covid which has knocked us for six. After all this time of staying safe, not going out too much and wearing our masks we caught it from DD who is living with us at the moment. She was so upset that she'd passed it on but at least we're getting over it now.

I've not done much stitching other than for an exchange that had to be done but I've been playing about with gifts that I've been given by my daughters. Rachel bought me this diamond painting and although I've not done much I've really enjoyed what I have done.

This lap quilt was a gift from Sharon ages ago and I thought I'd have a go at that too, I shall do some more on it when it's not so busy in the garden.

Another new one for me, a long stitch, and although I'm enjoying that too it's really making my fingers sore with the stiff fabric but I shall persevere.

We've spent a lot of time in the garden, mostly sitting looking at it while we've not been feeling up to doing much else but I'm so pleased that we have somewhere nice to sit and relax. Just a few pictures of the garden below.

These two little acers were on sale at the garden centre just down the road from us, they seem quite healthy so I hope we can keep them growing.

Another little plant that popped into my basket at the farm shop yesterday, a little calla lily, such a pretty colour.

While I've been not feeling like doing much I sorted through boxes of magazines that I've kept for years, loads of cross stitch and knitting magazines and lots of sewing patterns and knitting machine patterns too. My knitting machine has been up in the attic for many years, I'll have to get it down once DD has found somewhere to live and I'll have somewhere to put it. I was going to get rid of some of the magazines but when it came to doing it I just decided to put them all back as who knows when I might need a pattern or two.

That's about it for now, I shall go and pick the blackcurrants and strawberries before it gets too hot and then another sit out in the garden planning what to do next.

take care, Sue xx

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Stitching or gardening

Well gardening season is here so that won out over stitching as the weather has been so lovely. We've had a few days out visiting garden centres, so many beautiful plants but such a price these days but I did buy another lupin and a dianthus for the border.

   I did manage to stitch another little chart by Samplers and Stitches, 

and a little bit more on Hedge Row by Plum Street Samplers.

Another Prairie Schooler ornament ready to be finished off.

Tony has been working so hard on enlarging the pond, the irises were taking over so he made a smaller pond and waterfall to give the fish more space. He also made the little wooden boxes for the marginal plants. It's keeping him happy, there's always something to do in the garden.

I've been potting on in the greenhouse.

The tomatoes are coming along nicely even after a late start.

Even more seedlings to sort.

The canary rose has made another fine show for Spring,

and for the first time since we planted the wisteria many moons ago it has decided to flower.

One more picture of the pond.

So that's what I've been doing over the past few weeks, keeping busy and trying to relax. I love this time of year when I seem to come out of hibernation. The birds are nesting in the hedge, I'm so glad that we still have somewhere for them raise their young and so lovely to hear the birdsong especially when you're not having a good day.

Still baking and reading and planning things to do. DD has said that she hopes to be moving out soon, she came back home to live when Covid started two years ago. It's been lovely having her here but as she works from home it's sometimes hard to do things that make a noise.

That's all for now, take care,

love Sue xx

Friday, 1 April 2022

A finish and a new start

We had snow again this morning and  heavy frost over night so I'm hoping that all the plants and seedlings will survive. We've got lots of blossom coming on the fruit trees so it will be a shame if they are killed off by the cold.

Hopefully I'll manage to get a post to work as for the past few weeks my old computer has been giving up the ghost and finally died last week. I'd had it for eight years so it has certainly done it's job. After looking at new ones and trying to find one that was not too expensive, my middle daughter offered me her old one as she didn't use it any more so fingers crossed I can make this work.

First off, a finish. A little bit of Spring by Samplers and Stitches, a lovely little stitch to do.

Lizzie Kate's Flowers has been made up into a little pillow.

and two of the Christmas ornaments are almost finished, just got to decide whether to mount them on the sticks and bobbins or whether to just have them on ribbon hangers.

A new start on Plum Street Sampler's Hedge Row, love the little hedgehogs.

A few pictures of the garden

the daffodils are lasting, I always love this time of year when thy bring so much colour to the garden

The Viburnum and red robin are making a lovely show

and the Amelanchier never fails to shine through on a cold Spring day.

These are the flowers from Mother's day last Sunday from DD Rachel, the chocolates from Kim have almost gone but they were yummy.

Well that's about it for now,

love Sue xx

Monday, 28 February 2022

Another oldie framed


I've just been checking back on my blog and hadn't realised that I started this SAL of Beatrix Potter in 2011. I finally finished it in 2015 and since then it has been in a drawer with all the other stitching that needs framing or finishing off. OH framed it for me a couple of weeks ago and it's now hanging on the wall where it belongs. I have quite a few pieces that I got fed up with stitching on or my tastes changed but looking back through them now I want to at least finish another one or two this year.

February's ornament is finished, I'm not sure if I'll finish them off as trees as they are in the booklet or whether to just have them with a loop for hanging on the tree. No rush at the moment to decide.

Another small stitch to make up, I can't remember who it is by and the chart has been put somewhere safe and I can't find it either. Too much going on in this old brain of mine lately and not all of it good.

Another couple of project bags have been made and have made a welcome change to get my sewing machine out as it doesn't get used as much as it should. Lots of fabric in the cupboards waiting to be used, both patchwork and dressmaking so I ought to make more of an effort before gardening season is upon us.

I had a craving for something sweet over the weekend so a little baking was done, needless to say that there's not a lot left of either the cake or the tarts now. I love making cakes, it was the last job that I had in my working life when I made cakes for a tea room which I really enjoyed doing.

No flowers in the garden at the moment though we have been out getting everything in the garden ready for Spring but a nice bunch of daffodils makes things look cheery. OH is out in the garden now putting in new compost bins that he's made but as it's raining I don't think he'll be out there much longer.

That's about it for now, take care,

love Sue xx


Thursday, 10 February 2022

February catch up

Last year I was determined I was going to make more ornaments for the Christmas tree but as usual it didn't happen so I thought I'd try again. I've managed to stitch one and start on another so fingers crossed I don't lose motivation again. Thankfully the days are getting longer and the sun keeps peeping through so as long as I keep thinking that Spring is on it's way I'll be ok.


 So this is the first, Prairie Schooler book 183

DH had another one to frame for me. I finished this last year but never got around to putting up a picture. Fragile Dreams by Design Works.

I've put a few more stitches into Spring Planting by Dimensions, it's about time I finished some of the many UFOs that I have.

I thought I'd have a go at making a project bag, I'd made similar before but never used vinyl but I didn't find it too tricky. Quite pleased with my first attempt.


 Not a lot happening in the garden other than this lovely helibore with its pretty flowers. The daffodils and tulips are showing through but nothing worthy of a photo yet.

Well that's about it for now, take care , Sue xx

Thursday, 20 January 2022

A long overdue post

It's been a while since I last blogged, the second half of last year wasn't a very good one; losing friends and family is never a good thing to go through but it does put life in perspective. As well as that we also lost our lovely cat Troy, after all the tablets and medicines that he was taking it was dementia that finally made us make the decision to let him go. He was 16, a really friendly cat  who brought a lot of happiness to our family.  We still have his son, Gizmo who is now about the same age as there was only six months between them so we're not completely cat free, we still have lots of fuss and purrs.

A little bit of stitching to show. I did manage to do the Christmas exchange that I do every year though I sent something that I'd stitched earlier in the year as I couldn't motivate myself to do any stitching.

This is what I sent to Cathie

and this is what I received from Jenn, such a lovely exchange.
DH asked for woodworking tools for Christmas and he's been busy using them.
I stitched this piece just before Christmas and he made the box to go with it. The photos aren't very good as the light wasn't right and I don't think my old camera is doing so well these days but for now it will have to do. He's also been framing some of my old stitching that needed doing as I hadn't framed them right in the first place.

Berry Days at Thistle Down Farm by Brenda Gervais, I still have the needlebook to stitch but that can be done later.

I was going to put some more photos up but blogger doesn't want to let me so I'll leave it here for now.

Take care all,

love Sue xx