Tuesday, 20 August 2013

35 years on

We had a lovely day yesterday remembering our wedding day and all the lovely people that were there to join in our happy day. Sadly a lot of those people are no longer with us but they are always in our thoughts.

I had a lovely bouquet of flowers from DH

and another from DD Rachel, (I do wish I could take better photos)

from DD Kim we had these, very naughty but so yummy.

Not a lot of stitching going on but I did manage to sew a little on LHN Season of Plenty.

I love the colours in this one.

It's a lovely sunny day so I am heading out to the garden to see if I can pull a few of the ever growing weeds out of the flower garden.

Have a lovely day all,


Friday, 16 August 2013


Doesn't time fly when you're busy, July passed by before I knew it and here we are in the middle of August already. Life has been hectic for the past few months, not with anything special but with doing things that I wanted to do or needed to be done.

I have been enjoying the garden this year as I do every year but more so because I'm feeling better. The panic attacks haven't gone away but I'm coping with them even though it's always there in the back of my mind but I've beaten them before and I know I will do again. I'm just trying to stay positive and not let them rule my life like they have done before, I will not let them rule my life.

This is the first of my lilies to bloom in the pond isn't it pretty. We have found that we have two visitors to the pond, two little frogs that have been playing in the water and lying on the stones but the trouble is that the cats have found them too. Luckily there are lots of places for them to hide so they should be safe. It's the first year that we've had frogs so quite a nice treat for us. The garden has come and gone so quickly this year, especially the flower garden where most of the blossoms have faded despite my efforts to keep deadheading, there are still more plants to flower so I shall look forward to seeing them bloom. The veg garden is keeping me busy bottling beetroot and making jam and the blackberry is full of fruit almost ready to be picked. We have had a good harvest this year and there's still more to come.

The end of July was my daughter Kim's birthday and we had a lovely BBQ to celebrate with all her friends. It was touch and go whether it would go ahead as early afternoon we had a downpour but after that the sun came out and most of the guests were still sitting outside at midnight.

August came and so did my grandson Callum's third birthday.

Here he is all smiles with his Fireman Sam birthday cake. For the past three weeks I have been looking after his big sister Lily while she is on school holidays, next week they are both going on holiday so I shall have a weeks rest.

I'm gradually getting back into my stitching, just in the evening when I'm usually on my own. I finished LHN Season of Growth and started the final one in the set of four, Season of Plenty.

I've also managed to finish three more motifs on Beatrix Potter too, I'd really like to finish this as it's been on the go for too long. Celtic Noel has also had some stitches put in but I'll leave that for another time.

My final effort for last month has been this, a little cardi for my grandson who is due on September 10th though the doctors think he may make his arrival before then. Sharon only finished work last week and she's had to go to the hospital three times already to check on the baby and now Josh, her eldest, has come down with chicken pox so she's not going to get much rest before the baby is here.

Well I think that's about all for now, we are going to have a day out on Sunday looking at vintage motor bikes. DH has a classic bike made in 1932 which he used to show but this year he's just looking and he says it will be a day out for our anniversary on Monday! I was hoping for something a little different but after 35 years of marriage I don't think he'll change.

Take care all, hugs