Friday, 16 July 2021

A Summer exchange

Another couple of months have passed by with no blogging but the garden is still keeping me busy as is my DH who is thoroughly enjoying his retirement. He's never had much time to get out in the garden other than weekends but he is out there from morning 'til night either digging or building rose arches or playing around with the fish pond but it's good to see him keeping occupied.

I've still not done a lot of stitching as I keep having migraines, the optician says it could be stress related or my blood pressure might need checking or it could be bright lights or being on the computer a tad too long. I'm trying to not stress over things, a bit impossible when you're one of the world's biggest worriers, and I've been keepng off the computer which has been easy as I've spent so much time outdoors I've not missed it.

I did stitch my gift for the Gift of Friendship exchange which I do every year. This year I sent to Deb.

And this is what I received from Gail, isn't it lovely. The picture on it is from when we used to do a thread exchange many years ago so it's a lovely reminder of all the friends I made along the way.

I feel truly blessed with all the goodies that she sent it was like Christmas opening all of the little parcels that were in the box.

Troy hasn't been well again so another trip to the vets so along with his heart and kidney problems he now has an overactive thyroid, it's costing us a fortune at the vet's but while there's hope we'll keep trying.

A few pictures of the pond and the garden. Tony had six new fish bought for his birthday at the beginning of June and so far four of them have died. The aquatics shop they came from said it was probably stress that killed them but we asked advice from someone else and they seem to think the fish might have a parasite that is killing them so at the moment the water is a lovely shade of blue with the chemicals that have gone in. It makes the fish look very pretty.

The photo of the veg garden was taken a few weeks ago, it now looks like a jungle with everything growing.



The pergola is a work in progress and it's keeping DH busy.

Well that's about it for now, I have stitching on the go and knitting too, the skirt I was about to sew is still waiting to be done but there's no hurry all I seem to wear these days are gardening clothes.

Take care all, Sue x