Tuesday 5 July 2022

Exchange time

July has come round again so quickly and that means that I can show what I stitched for my partner who just happened to be my daughter this year. I've had this chart for ages, in fact I have at least three of this one that I have been gifted over time so I thought I'd stitch the needlebook but made it up a little different to what it should be. I forgot to take a photo of the inside but there was just a pocket to put the scissors in and  a few homemade pins tucked away inside. I also made the project bag which she said she'd like after seeing the ones that I'd made for myself. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for my exchange to arrive so I can't show what I have received but I'm sure it will turn up soon.

I started something new, after looking through some old cross stitching magazines I saw this chart of Sunshine Susan by Lesley Teare  from 2004 and I needed something to cheer me up so the pretty colours will certainly help.

I'm still spending time in the garden though I've still not got much energy but it helps to be outside even if I just manage to do a bit of dead heading. We have a wasps nest at the bottom of the garden in the compost heap so I'm keeping out of the vegetable garden while they are flying about, there seems to be so many of them.

The two photos above are of two new additions to the garden, I love dahlias and these were on sale from the garden centre a short walk down the road from us. It has recently been extended so lots more plants to tempt me.

The rudbeckia and delphiniums are growing well and if you look close in the middle of the tree branches you can just make out the first flower to open in the tulip tree.

DH is working away cutting down the hedge at the side of the garden, it has grown too tall so we are cutting it to a more manageable height before we get too old to do it, it's a shame really as it makes the garden more private but while he's been cutting it down he's found such a lot of deadwood so it needed doing.

That's about all to tell for now so I'll go and make a cuppa and decide what to do next.

Take care, love