Monday, 21 September 2009

An exchange and a proposal

My gift came today from Wendy Jo for the autumn/halloween exchange on Exchange Heaven and it is absolutely gorgeous.

The finishing is perfect and the colours so rich. She also sent me a piece of fabric that I shall certainly find a use for. Thank you Wendy Jo.

My other news is that Rachel, my youngest, phoned me last night from her holiday and told me that Darren had proposed and she had accepted. Me and DH knew he was going to ask her as he came and asked for our permission last week which I thought was rather nice. Of course we said yes as he's been so good for Rachel since she met him 18 months ago and after her first disastrous marriage she deserves someone who'll take care of her.

I managed to get some more stitching done on starlight last night until the spiders started invading the house. We had two giants crawling round the living room but thankfully Tony caught them both otherwise I'd have still been jumping up and down on the settee, I am such a wimp!!!

Have a good day whatever you're doing.....


Sunday, 20 September 2009

Autumn sunshine

It's glorious outside today and DH keeps saying why don't I go out in the garden and enjoy myself like I usually do when the sun is shining. Well, as everything in life, there is a reason why I don't like gardening in autumn.........I'm terrified of spiders. I don't even like going into the greenhouse to pick the tomatoes in case one falls on my head from where it's been lurking, waiting for me to walk into it's wonderful web! I can sit and watch them from the safety of the conservatory and marvel at the intricacies of their spinning, but oh how I wish they'd do it somewhere else.

On a brighter note, Elisa has received the stitching that I sent to her as her exchange piece for Exchange Heaven.
I loved stitching this and made it into a needle book for her. I really must learn how to use my camera better than point, click and that's it!

Lily has gone away for the week with her mum Rachel and Darren, her first proper holiday and I think if things go to plan for Darren there will be news to tell when they get back. I am going to make the most of it and try and get some stitching done though to be truthful I really ought to do some decorating before it gets too cold to keep the windows open, but it's so much nicer and oh so much easier to sit and stitch.

Joshua is growing fast but still no news of his appointment for his clicky hip. his neck has responded well after visiting the osteopath and Sharon says that he might only need one more visit and then she can carry on with the exercises herself. Poor little chap he's had so much prodding since he's been born but he still smiles away.
Hardly any Beatrix done this month but starlight sampler is coming along nicely.....


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Exchange received

It's cold and wet and miserable here in Derbyshire, so I'm sitting here doing nothing apart from catching up with tv and putting my feet up. Not much stitching going on either as it's been a busy few weeks though that is going to be remedied soon hopefully.

I received my exchange from Lucy on the Exchange Heaven exchange. The theme was "Home" and this is what she sent me.

This is so apt for me as I'm never without a cup of tea in my hand. Lucy charted the design herself, isn't it lovely.

This is what I stitched for Wendy Jo; I made it into a door hanger and added a little pincushion to match.

I made a little pocket on the back and trimmed it with lace, I read on her blog that she liked red so I hoped that she liked this.

Hoping to get my LHN Starlight Sampler out again soon, it's been too long since I've sat and stitched.