Monday, 1 April 2013

April already

Whatever happened to March, it seems to have passed by so quickly but hopefully we may now have some Spring weather. The problem is that April brings with it, according to custom, showery weather so lets hope that we get some sunshine in between.

I'm longing to get out in the garden but it is so wet underfoot that it's not worth even trying to do anything for the time being. The few seeds that I've sown are sitting in the conservatory waiting for some heat from the sun to start them off and not one has braved the cold so far.

We have had good news that my daughters baby that she is expecting later in the year is fine. Right from the start her pregnancy has been a worry but after numerous scans and blood tests she's been told that the baby is growing well and "it" will be another boy to join Joshua and Becky. So why am I knitting in pink? well this is a little cardigan for one of Sharon's friends who has just had a baby girl, I just need to sew the buttons on and then it can be on it's way. I've already started knitting in blue but there's not much to show yet so I'll leave that for another post.

I've put a few stitches into LHN Season of Growth, just Season of Plenty to do after this one and then I'll decide how to finish them off. They are finished as pillows on the charts but I seem to be getting lots of little ornaments lying around so I might have to think of another way of finishing them.

Beatrix has been out for another airing, I'm just stitching on this when the mood takes me, I'd love to see it finished this year.


We've had a lovely Easter weekend with all the family here, I can't believe how the grandchildren keep growing, I only notice when they all get together and see how much taller Lily, the eldest is, compared to Becky the youngest.

Nothing much else to tell, so I'll get back to my stitching,

love and hugs,