Monday, 31 December 2012

A Happy New Year

This year has not been a very healthy one for me but I am so thankful for all the other things that have happened in my life. I am so grateful to my dearest OH who has looked after me so well. My three lovely daughters who have given me so much love and my gorgeous grandchildren who have brightened my life with their hugs and kisses along with the tears and tantrums (theirs not mine).

We have said a sad farewell to friends and relatives through the year and this time of year brings back memeories of those long gone but never forgotten. I look back on 2012 with thankfulness for the new friends I have made, the time I have enjoyed doing my stitching and knitting, the time I managed to spend in my garden and the love of a good family.

As tomorrow dawns I will also be celebrating another birthday so more celebrations with family.

So here's to 2013 and a wish for you all to be happy, healthy and trouble free.

Love and blessings,

Monday, 24 December 2012

A Very Merry Christmas

I'm all ready for Santa to come tonight, everything is done......hopefully.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning when Lily and Callum come round to open their presents, I love to see their faces when they open each parcel and hope that it puts a smile on their faces and not a frown.

Just hoping that my middle daughter, Kim is feeling better as she's come downwith this horrible sickness bug that's going around so instead of going out celebrating with her friends this evening, she's stuck at home with us.

I've nothing stitchy to show but I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that Santa is good to you all this year.

Love and hugs.

Monday, 3 December 2012

A lovely exchange and a little bit of finishing

November flew by and the way December is going Christmas will be here before I'm ready for it.

We have the Christmas tree up and some decorations but I need to put a few more up to make it look a little bit more festive. I've spent this afternoon shopping on line for the grandchildren and I can't believe how much a little toy costs but it only comes once a year and it's a chance to spoil them a little. I'm looking forward to Boxing day when all four grandchildren will be here to open their presents. Lily is 4, Josh is 3, Callum is 2 and Becky is one so it will be madness in our house, I can't wait.

December 1st was my youngest daughter's birthday and she celebrated it by coming down with a cold and lost her voice too, not the best of birthdays.

Saturday was also the day for opening my exchange from Diana, she doesn't have a blog but she should have. I've been participating in a Gift of Friendship exchange for quite a few years now with a lovely group of ladies and this is what I received, it was an ornament exchange and I received not one but two beautiful ornaments and some lovely extras too.

This is what I sent to Diana, and she said that she liked it.

There's not been a lot of stitching going on apart from a few Christmas cards that I like to do for some stitching friends. I did make a couple of ornaments up that I'd stitched ages ago  but for the life of me I can't find the other four ornaments that I'd stitched  to hang on my mantle. Never mind I'm sure they'll turn up one day.

Healthwise, I am improving day by day, still being told to rest but I'm feeling so much better in myself and so much happier.

Hope everyone else is happy and healthy,

take care,