Monday 27 May 2024

Stitching, gardening, and computer problems.

Well it's been lovely here for a few days and we've managed to get some gardening done at last, at one point I didn't think we'd ever catch up with it as there have been a few changes happening over the past few weeks.

Firstly my computer has been out of action for over four weeks, it's been for a repair but I don't hold out much hope that it will last much longer so I can see me having to buy something new to replace it. My kindle is driving me mad, it loads up but then gets stuck in a loop where it shows the book I'm reading but then keeps going to the home page to start all over again so I think I shall have to go back to having a real book in my hands for the time being. 

One good thing to start the month off was that I actually finished Sunflower Susan by Lesley Teare. It
 was a lovely stitch but the backstitching was a bit of a pain but it always makes things look better so it has to be done. It has just got to be framed now and can go on the wall with my other stitching.

Changes at home have been happening, I knew I should never have made myself a craft room again as every time I do something happens and the space is needed for something else. This time it's because my middle daughter has come home to live for a while until she can sort out somewhere to live as she and her partner have decided to part, very sad for both of them but it's no good when they aren't getting on any more. Anyway, it's been a bit of an upheaval as she has brought so much stuff with her that we are running out of space to store it all and DH's shed won't take much more. She also works from home so the craft room has had to go for now, mostly relocated to the attic where I will probably never find anything again.

We've been moving furniture about so we've not had much time to do anything else other than keep on top of things in the home. It was probably a blessing that I didn't have my computer and the rain has been falling so we could concentrate on moving her in.

After all the rain we've had the garden is finally beginning to show what is still there, we thought we'd lost a few plants but although they are a bit behind this year they are still coming through.

The tree peony has been lovely until the rain knocked all the petals off,


but the other peonies have made a lovely show. We thought we'd lost them all last year as they looked as though they had some sort of fungus so we cut them all back and hoped for the best and this year they are fine. I'm so pleased because they were from my Mum and Dad's garden over forty years ago.

The view from the vegetable garden.

This was the greenhouse a few weeks ago, I've not had chance to take any recent photos and there was no way I could upload them on the pc even if I had.

Isn't this clematis gorgeous,

and the wisteria has made a good show this year.

We've been doing the vegetable garden and with any luck the beans will go in this week.

We are making another little flower bed up by the back door but hopefully I'll show you them next time.

I've also started on some new cross stitch so I'll show that next time too.

I started this over four weeks ago so I hope it still makes sense, I need to get a new pc soon unless a miracle happens and someone can sort my old one out.

Take care all,

Sue x


  1. Sue: It can be so frustrating when a computer poops out, I love to read but have to have a book in my hands, I am a bit old fashioned.
    Your Sun Flower Sue is adorable, yes backstitching can be a pain.
    Good luck for your daughter and her moving in and maybe moving out.
    Love your garden photos.


  2. My computer finally gave up the day after I came back from holiday, but unfortunately it couldn't be fixed. Hope yours holds out for a while longer, they are expensive to replace and we rely on them so much. Sorry about your daughter and her partner, but it's for the best if it's not working for them, just a shame you had to give up your craft room, for now at least.
    I love Sunflower Susan, she is so cheery. I'm sure I stitched an Autumn girl similar to this years ago, goodness knows what happened to her, I do remember it was a lot of stitching.
    Your garden is lovely, hopefully next year I will have more of a veggie garden, just want to see how successful I am with things this year before I take the plunge and dig up grass!
    Hope you have had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend

  3. Family can be a challenge. I love your flowers and your perfect cross stitch. Let's not discuss computers~ everytime there is an upgrate everything as I knew it is gone!!!

  4. Garden and green house are looking good Sue, lots of plants to come. Love the cross stitch its beautifully stitched.