Monday 1 April 2024


Another month beginning and like most of last month it has started with April showers, we've had a few sunny days but not enough to get out in the garden and tackle the big things that need doing but there's always something indoors to keep me busy and it's meant more time for stitching.

I've had this chart for ages and each time April comes round I think that I will stitch it, well finally I made the effort and it was such a quick stitch I wish that I'd have done it sooner, I've just got to decide what I'm going to do with it next.

April Showers by Shepherd's Bush.

This is another chart that I've had for years but never got around to doing, I've never made a needle roll so I shall see how it turns out once I've got a cardboard tube to wrap it round. 

Gentle Stitches by Shakespeare's Peddler.

I nearly have a finish with Sunflower Susan, just a bit of backstitching to do but I'll save that until next time and hopefully a nice new start.

As I said the weather hasn't been to good and the tubs of polyanthus, pansies and forget me nots are suffering from so much rain even though they are quite sheltered from most of it but they still add a splash of colour when you walk out of the back door.

The Amelanchier tree never fails to put a smile on my face with its lovely blossoms, always there at the beginning of Spring making a lovely show.

The lupins are growing......

the pear and the blackberries are making growth, and the raised beds are getting dug over

and we have seeds germinating in the greenhouse. There are still more to sow as we usually do extra for the girls to take home.

The only problem we have now is that the garden is still too wet in the borders to actually do any digging and the weeds are taking over but there's still time and I can't get stressed about the garden as that is my happy place where I spend most of my time in the Summer.

We've had a lovely Easter weekend with the girls and grandchildren popping round. I've only had one Easter egg and that's hardly been touched as I'm trying to be good. The weight has been creeping back on over winter so it's time I did something about it before it gets too bad so it's back to counting calories and saturated fat until I lose a few pounds and my cholesterol levels go down too.

I hope April is a good month to you all, Take care,

Sue xx


  1. What a sweet April stitch, I've never made a needle roll either, everyone seemed to be stitching one a few years back. We've been out in the garden for a couple of hours this morning, I planted up a rose I'd bought a couple of weeks ago and hubby fixed the trellis. I've also potted on some of my seedlings, which are taking over the conservatory at the moment. It's too wet to do much else outside here too, everywhere is so muddy, but on the bright side some google photos popped up on my phone this morning from three years ago today and it was snowing! So, it could be worse :-) Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Hi Sue: Sop sorry for the late post: April Showers is so sweet, it nice seeing Shepherds Bush designs coming back in style, love the Gentle Stitch's is lovely, I have done needle rolls many so many but a tube is a great idea, i will start using them when I do another roll, thank-you for the idea. Love your garden photos, it looks like you have many seeds started, I hope you have perfect weather for growing.


  3. Love the cross stitch, I do feel sad I can't stitch any more but that's life. Your Amelanchier is gorgeous, is that the one you bought when we were discussing small trees? Its super! And all those seeds sown, I have seed envy!