Monday 6 November 2023

I've been trying to get a few things finished off before the end of the year, there's quite a few UFOs in my basket that have been there for way too long so as DH says I'd better get on with it! The first picture is of the exchange stitching that I've done for my partner for our twice a year exchange. I really enjoyed stitching this.

Prairie Schooler

Next is a stitch that has been on my list to finish for ages, it only needed the backstitching done  and there was quite a bit of it and now it's waiting for DH to frame so it's given us both something to do. We are trying to fill in the days now that we can't get out in the garden at the moment as it is so wet, I'm just hoping that he doesn't decide to start decorating again, I think I've done enough painting for this year.

Fancy teapots from a Readers Digest cross stitch book

The next finish is a freebie from Instagram, a lovely little Christmas stocking that will be ready to hang by the fireplace when Santa comes.

J B W design freebie

I've only bought a couple of presents up to now as the grandchildren tend to change their mind so much so I usually wait until as close to Christmas as I can get before I buy them something.

Some kind soul had decided to spend all my Nectar points that I'd saved on my Sainsbury's shop, thankfully they have been refunded so the Christmas shopping will be a little bit cheaper but how can someone in London use my details when I live in Derbyshire.

Another funeral to attend this week, DHs brother in law this time, I hope this will be the last one that we have to go to this year, it's getting too sad saying goodbye to loved ones.

No recent photos of the garden to show as it's been too wet, but the colours are gorgeous out there so even though it's been too cold it's been nice viewing them through the window in the warm.

These were taken a few weeks ago before all the wet and windy weather blew a lot of the leaves off.

A shopping day today and then back to some stitching or knitting this afternoon, it's so nice to be retired.

Take care all,

Sue xx


  1. Hello Sue: Sweet choice for stitching, I am looking forward to seeing the stocking stitched.
    Love the garden photos.
    So sorry about your loss, I hope the rest of the year is calm and quiet for you and your family.


  2. Love the little PS and tea cup finishes, like you i'm trying to get a few things fully finished before the end of the year, it's nice to have a clean start.
    Your garden still looks lovely despite the weather, ours looks a bit bedraggled at the moment what with all the wind and rain.
    I'm so sorry for your loss, hope the remainder of the year doesn't bring anymore bad news for you and your family

  3. Such beautiful stitching Sue, I love those teapots, I don't stitch these days but still try to knit and I have been able to quilt..we're hoping to finish tidying up the garden tomorrow as we've had dry weather for a couple of days. Yours is lovely.

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