Friday 16 February 2024

A little knitting, a little stitching and a bit more.

I've been meaning to make a blog post for the past couple of weeks but to be honest there's not been a lot going on around here lately, we've both not been feeling to good, me with a bad back and Tony with a swollen eye and then he lost his hearing in his left ear. He's partially deaf in his right one so conversation has been a little comical at times. He was sent to the hospital within a week of seeing the doctor and he's got to go again to see the consultant in six to eight weeks or whenever he gets an appointment through. He's actually a lot better now but it will put his mind at rest if he can speak to someone again.
I'm still plodding along with this pair of socks that I started before Christmas, just the heel to turn on the second sock and then the foot to do so it shouldn't take me long if I get my finger out. The wool is Christmas wrapping paper by Rosie's moments and it's been lovely to knit with.

I've also put a few more stitches into Sunflower Susan by Lesley Teare, I wanted to get this finished for last Autumn but it wasn't to be, maybe this year I can finish it.

I finally finished my little quilt that I started last year, it only needed quilting and the binding to put on. I tried doing free motion quilting but my machine wasn't up to it, I think I need a bigger one! I've had my machine for years and it's been such a good one, it's served me well over the years and I don't think it would be worth paying out for something bigger as I can't see me making many more quilts even though I loved making it. It's not perfect by any means but I had a go so I'm happy with it.

I don't know why but I can't get going so far this year, maybe it's with us both feeling below par, usually Tony's got some project or another going on in his workshop but he's hardly been doing anything lately. I can't wait for Spring to arrive, I know we shouldn't be wishing our lives away but I think we'll both feel better once we can get out in the garden. The hellebores are about the only thing that are flowering and always make a nice show but there are hardly any daffodils or tulips coming through in the garden though I did find a couple of pots behind the greenhouse with some sign of life so that was a nice surprise.

Granddaughter number one, Lily, had her 16th birthday last week, she's been taking her mock GCSEs which should have been at the beginning of the year but the school was closed down just before Christmas due to it being in need of some serious repairs so in the mean time the pupils have been to different schools until something was sorted. A temporary school is being built until a new one can be sorted but it shouldn't have been left to get so bad in the first place.

Granddaughter number 2, Becky has been in some dance competitions two so far this year. The first one the group came second and then last week they came first. They were doing a dance to Cabaret and if I could find a photo I'd show you but whenever I download photos from my camera or phone although I can see them in my albums I can't get to put them on here. That's a job for another day.

The three grandsons are doing well, two of them are football mad and the eldest just likes his computer although saying that he can do a lot on it that I'd never be able to do, maybe I should ask him to sort my photo problem out. 

Well I've waffled on enough now and I can't think of any more exciting news so I'll press publish and see if that works for me.

Take care all,

Sue xx

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  1. Hello Sue: First happy Birthday to Lily, second, I hope your back starts to feel better, I also hope Bills hearing clears up or gets hearing aids, Mike has hearing aids and loves them.
    your quilt is beautiful, love the sock yarn color, Sunbonnet Sue is beautiful so bright and cheery.
    I am looking forward to spring and the fresh smell of the trees grass and flowers.
    have an amazing week.