Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Back again

Time has been flying by again, the last time I posted was in Summer when we were doing so much in the garden which took us through to the end of October when we had to stop due to it raining most days. 

The greenhouse got moved from the middle of the garden, it's now at the bottom of the veg garden where it looks much better. We moved a couple of the raised beds and we also had to chop down one of the apple trees as it was falling over and a little pear tree that very rarely produced any fruit, sad to see them go but more space to play around in now.

DD moved out in August into her new home with her boyfriend so after moving all of her furniture out of the bedrooms it was time to put ours back but not before we'd decorated a couple of the rooms upstairs. 

Now we are into January and as usual DH has got the decorating bug again so we are wallpapering the stairs and landing. We didn't intend to; we were hoping to just strip off the old wallpaper and paint the walls but after we started it we remembered that it was old lime plaster underneath and not in a very good state of repair so more paper is going on for now.

Not a lot of stitching going on though I did join in the Gift of Friendship again. I sent to Marina and as opening day was in December I can show what I stitched for her.

I really enjoyed stitching this

I received a lovely gift from my partner Deb, she really spoilt me with all the gifts that she sent to me.

The first three pictures are of the gifts that she stitched for me and the last one is the rest of the package, so many goodies I didn't know which to open first.

I've no resolutions of what I'm going to do this year other than make the most of it. Having lost my brother to a heart attack at the end of last year it makes you think what your priorities are and mine at the moment is to make each day count.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with another catch up if I can find something to show, not a lot of motivation at the moment with these miserable wet days that we're having but there are bulbs pushing through the soil so Spring must be around the corner.

Take care all,

Sue x

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diamondc said...

Happy Blessed New Year Sue: It is wonderful to see a post from you, your red bird design is lovely.
Very nice gifts from friends.
I am so sorry about your loss; I lost two younger brothers in 2001 and 2003 it's hard to lose a sibling.
I hope you continue to post.
Have a great stitching year