Thursday, 23 June 2022

Catching up with myself

Hasn't it been a hot one this week, even Gizmo has been finding it hard to get somewhere in the shade. He's getting on a bit now and finding it all a bit too hot. 

There's not been a lot going on as both Tony and I have had covid which has knocked us for six. After all this time of staying safe, not going out too much and wearing our masks we caught it from DD who is living with us at the moment. She was so upset that she'd passed it on but at least we're getting over it now.

I've not done much stitching other than for an exchange that had to be done but I've been playing about with gifts that I've been given by my daughters. Rachel bought me this diamond painting and although I've not done much I've really enjoyed what I have done.

This lap quilt was a gift from Sharon ages ago and I thought I'd have a go at that too, I shall do some more on it when it's not so busy in the garden.

Another new one for me, a long stitch, and although I'm enjoying that too it's really making my fingers sore with the stiff fabric but I shall persevere.

We've spent a lot of time in the garden, mostly sitting looking at it while we've not been feeling up to doing much else but I'm so pleased that we have somewhere nice to sit and relax. Just a few pictures of the garden below.

These two little acers were on sale at the garden centre just down the road from us, they seem quite healthy so I hope we can keep them growing.

Another little plant that popped into my basket at the farm shop yesterday, a little calla lily, such a pretty colour.

While I've been not feeling like doing much I sorted through boxes of magazines that I've kept for years, loads of cross stitch and knitting magazines and lots of sewing patterns and knitting machine patterns too. My knitting machine has been up in the attic for many years, I'll have to get it down once DD has found somewhere to live and I'll have somewhere to put it. I was going to get rid of some of the magazines but when it came to doing it I just decided to put them all back as who knows when I might need a pattern or two.

That's about it for now, I shall go and pick the blackcurrants and strawberries before it gets too hot and then another sit out in the garden planning what to do next.

take care, Sue xx

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  1. Hi Sue: I am so sorry you were ill, I hope you are feeling beter and back to normal feelings.
    Gizmo is a dorable, Blondie the Cat sends hugs and kitty kiss's.
    Your garden photos are lovely.
    I have never tried diamond painting, I may have to try it sometime soon.