Saturday, 6 July 2019

July update

After a few lovely sunny days it is now pouring down with rain again and we were hoping to go to one of the villages that host an open garden scheme. This is the third one this year that I've had to miss for one reason or another but I'm sure that I'll find something to fill the day.

Not a lot been happening again, this bout of depression and panic attacks seem to be lingering but as long as I can get out in the garden and do some stitching then life's not all bad.

I did have some nice post to open in the week. I've been in a little group for years and we send gifts just twice a year so we have plenty of time to stitch or craft whatever we want. This Summer's gift was from Gail.

I love reading so the bookmark will come in very handy, the fabric is such a pretty colour and I'm sure I'll enjoy stitching the Mill Hill kit though it's on paper, something I've not tried before. The sweets are made from maple sugar but I've not tried them yet.

These are the gifts and stitching that I sent to Donna, I hope she liked them.

And this is the stitching on it's own, it was a freebie from here. I did it one over one so it worked out quite small. The photos are a bit dark, it was dull when I took them.

This was my new start from a couple of weeks ago, I have done a bit more on it but not taken any photos yet. 

I have a Summer dress cut out ready to sew so hopefully the weather will brighten up again so I can wear it.

The garden is looking lovely with all the rain that we've had but too wet at the moment to go and take any pictures so that's about it for now,

love and hugs,
Sue x

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Julie said...

A really lovely exchange, you both stitched a pretty gift and enclosed nice goodies for each other.
Sending a (hug) Sue, feeling low is no fun is it? First hand experience here on a regular basis xx