Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A PIF and a win

I noticed that Kath has received her PIF that I stitched for her, it was based on a strawberry design from JCS Christmas ornaments '06 but I'd got a bit fed up with stitching red so I thought
that I'd do blue for a change.
I hope that she liked it

I received another gift in yesterdays post, this time it was a win that I'd had on Cameo's blog.

I am determined that I shall stitch this before the year is out. This bike brings back so many memories of when I went to the TT races in 1970 on the back of one of these. I went with an ex and seven of his friends who all camped while I had to stay in a B&B or my mother wouldn't have let me go. She even sent a letter to the B&B just to make sure that I was there. I was twenty at the time in the days of mods and rockers and although I loved riding on the bike, I was still a mod at heart where fashion was concerned. I shudder when I think about it nowadays, I don't know how I had the nerve to get on the back of one of those.

I have some photos of the garden to show but it will have to wait until later or I'll get nothing done today and I've still got to find two more charts for my next exchanges.........

A couple of finishes

I saw today on the Exchange Heaven blog that Lorna had received the gift that I had stitched for her and I think that she was happy with it.
The theme was food and drink and I found this freebie to stitch which I thought was quite nice.

I received my gift from Chris in yesterdays post for the same exchange and she had stitched me "chocolate lover" which she had made into a tin topper.
Inside were some lovely chocolates for me to eat, isn't it gorgeous, I love Chris's stitching.


Saturday, 7 March 2009

A LHN start

The past few weeks or months even, have been taken up with exchanges or gifts so I decided that while I had a bit of time to spare before I start my next exchange, I'd start one of the Little House Needlework charts that I've been storing for a while. I haven't managed to do a lot as I only had the time to put a couple of hours into it but I'm really enjoying it so far.

I also had a nice surprise today when I found out that I'd won the giveaway on Carols blog, it's a chart called Rainforest Romance. Today has been a lovely day.....


Saturday in the garden

Saturday again and what a glorious day it has been. The sun has been shining for most of the day and I've spent nearly all of it either pottering in the garden or the greenhouse. It's been lovely finding flowers that I thought we'd pulled out when we altered the garden last year.

The crocuses were found hiding beneath the twisted willow tree; there are about six that have managed to survive all the digging out from last year, the others were all put in pots. The primroses were nestling underneath the yew tree, don't they look pretty, all ready for some spring sunshine.Last year Chris, sent me packets of seeds that she had collected from her garden and I have been sorting through them all and sowing them in the greenhouse so if all goes well, I should have a garden full of flowers this year if they all grow. I've still loads more to put in but I'd left the compost outside and it was too wet to sow any more so I'll have to wait until it's dried out a bit. Actually feeling as though spring might just be round the corner.......