Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tuesday and I'm shattered

I think that I'm still catching my breath from the weekend. Sunday I had a day in the garden and did some heavy digging although the garden was a bit too wet for it but it really needed doing. I cleared out the small greenhouse where we usually grow the tomatoes, changed all the soil and composted it so that it's ready for some juicy tomatoes and cucumbers to grow.

We went to the garden centre first thing Sunday morning as there is a lovely little fabric and stitching shop on the site, a little bit expensive but some lovely fabric, and I needed some to back some stitching that I'd done. Then of course I couldn't walk away without looking at the seeds and came out with a load of potatoes, onion sets and seeds to plant, hence the mad workout in the garden.
The garden was sadly neglected last yearuntil the autumn when we started to move everything around but at last I can see what I need to do to make it look better.

This is our vegetable plot though now it is twice as big as we've taken all the turf up so that we can grow more. We moved the turf up to the top flower garden and extended the lawn with it so now we have a clean slate to start off with this year though at the moment the flower borders are looking a bit bare but I can see the daffodils and snowdrops pushing through as well as a load of forget me not plants that I dig out every year but always come back.

Yesterday, I spent most of the morning sorting out the freezer as we'd ordered a load of meat from Tony's brother's shop so I made sure that everything was labelled correctly so we don't eat beef when it's supposed to be lamb............I've done that quite a few times lol.

Today it's been back to looking after Lily and she's such an angel. She hardly stopped giggling from the moment Rachel brought her in this morning until she picked her up this evening. She takes all my energy though so it will be an early night if I can make it.

There's nothing on TV so I think I'll go and stitch for a bit, it's such a hard life.........

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Erynne said...

Oooooh, a site for sore eyes! Green! I love,love,love gardening! It looks so nice where you live! Daffodils and Snow Drops? I only wish!!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing me to yours!