Monday, 26 January 2009


Saturday was a day for me. I was determined that I was going to get something done so I started early with the housework so that I could get the rest of the day to myself. First I had to do a bit of baking as Tony likes his cakes and if he's happy then the whole world is fine.

By the time I managed to take a photo, half an apple pie had been devoured and a few of the tarts and sad to say they have all been polished off by everyone now so I need to do some more.

The afternoon was spent searching for a pattern for my Easter banner so I had a good look through all my old magazines but still didn't come up with anything but I've an idea of what I want so it might have to be a bit of this and that to make what I want to stitch.

I finished Tara's needlecase after the second attempt. The theme is signs of the zodiac and with Tara being a Libra I thought that I'd stitch some scales; that was until DH asked why I was stitching a pair of hanging baskets and somehow it didn't look right after that. After that I sorted out my material for my Beatrix Potter SAL and spent a few hours in the evening stitching away on that. I'm still not sure about the colour but I don't think that I can be bothered to frog it all so I'll just have to get used to it.

It doesn't look as dark as this in real life so I think I might persevere.............

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