Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Clearing away the cobwebs

I have had a few days trying to sort out the computer as it is so full of junk that it's going on strike. I thought though that I didn't want to get rid of everything so I'm putting a few pictures to remind me on here. The next two photos are of my middle daughter Kim, she doesn't get a mention very often so I thought that I'd write a bit about her.
Recently, just before Christmas, she was made redundant from her accounts job and has had no luck in finding another job yet though it is early days and there aren't that many jobs going around here. She also split with her boyfriend of over three years so a good reason for her to let her hair down a little. The photos were taken at her friend Donna's birthday party, and, no, she didn't take the gun out with her. All her friends dressed up in forces uniform and I dread to think what they all looked like marching into the pubs, but they had a good night out and that's what counts.
She's been thinking of joining the RAF and went to an open day in Nottingham yesterday for the nursing course. She's not sure if she's going to do anything about it yet as it means another three years at uni and she's already done four but this time she would be getting paid for it. If she does decide to try for it and she's lucky enough to get accepted, then the training starts in June and it will be the first time in thirty years that Tony and me will be on our own in our little house which seems to be getting bigger month by month. I would have two bedrooms spare and the front room, someone must have been listening to my prayers.

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