Monday, 5 January 2009

Christmas and the New Year

It seems such a long time since I posted but things have a habit of going into freefall these days and I've not been feeling my best.
The week before Rachel and Darren were to move out, I came down with the flu and it stopped me in my tracks, I felt so rough and ended up in bed for almost a week which took us to Christmas. Tony in the meantime had also caught it but had to help Rachel move out or they'd have never got in in time for Christmas Day.
Sharon and Carl came for Boxing Day and Saturday and I felt so sorry for them as we just weren't up to visitors but they said that they enjoyed the time with us although we weren't 100%.
Rachel Lily and Darren came for Christmas lunch which turned out surprisingly good even if we didn't eat much but the highlight of the day was seeing Lily open her presents for the first time.

As you can see, she was more interested in the wrapping paper than she was of the gifts inside but she did love the little cooker that Darren's mum and dad bought her.
This is our Christmas tree which we managed to move back into the front room. We only had half of it up in the conservatory but once Rachel had moved all her stuff out we managed to get the whole tree up and decorated just in time for Christmas day.
The table setting wasn't too good this year as it was all done in a bit of a hurry but the old stanbys served their purpose and we sat by candle light for our meal.
All in all dispite feeling so ill, I think everyone enjoyed themselves but just in case they were being kind, we said that we'd do it all again at Easter if we can