Saturday, 8 November 2008


Well, it's a wet miserable day here in Derbyshire, not helped by the fact that the cat woke me three times in the night, I think the wind must have scared him. If it ever stops raining I need to get out in the garden and see if the fish in the pond are still alive as there's leaves everywhere

There's plenty to do if I can't get out, like all the washing and ironing and there's still the bathroom to finish off properly. We started it last Christmas when we had a new suite in but it's never been finished off so maybe todays the day to do it. The only problem is finding a time when no one's in there, it seems to be permanently occupied.

I finished my biscornu and I'm quite proud of my first effort.

It should now be winging it's way over to Canada for Sally.

I think before I do anything else I'll pop the kettle on and then do a bit of baking, nothing like the smell of homemade bread and cakes to cheer the house up......