Thursday, 28 April 2016

An April catch up

Well, we're certainly getting our share of April showers here in Derbyshire, along with the rain and the snow and the hail stones that have the cats scampering in from outside. To be honest they've hardly moved at all this winter, much preferring to lie by the fire and snooze. It must be nice to be a cat.

I hope the weather improves as DH has booked the week off work and we are going to try and get rid of all the rubbish that keeps cluttering up the shed and the bottom of the garden. It makes you wonder where it all comes from. We're also hoping to lawn the vegetable patch over and put the swings back up for the grandchildren.

I've done a little more stitching and I finally got the sewing machine out to do some finishing.

Celtic Noel by Lavender and Lace is coming along and it's nice to pick up instead of the knitting.

These are a few stitches that I've finished off.

Peace on Earth By LHN

Snow Love by CCN

Easter Bunny, a freebie from here

and the Floral Heart by Lesley Teare.

We have managed to get a few hours out in the garden when it's been fine but I'm still feeling tired, the doctor has altered my tablets so I'll see if I feel any different with the new dosage.

The rhubarb is ready for eating

and the blackcurrants are coming into flower.

And just in case you're feeling hungry, I made fruit scones.

Well, that's about it for now,

take care,


Una said...

Well by the look of things you have been very busy,I love the Noel crosstitch I just love all of the different reds,I have been keeping myself busy also,but I just can't get round to writing my blog for some reason,but I must soon I I have a lot to show you all,until next time.Una.x

gracie said...

What a busy lady you are. Love the stitching and yum for the scones. I should find a simple recipe so I can make them for my husband...Dennis loves a good scone.

Brigitte said...

Celtic Noel is coming along great. And all these little finishes - you were on a roll, weren't you? They look great.
I hope the weather will cooperate and you will be able to do the gardening and de-cluttering.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Good progress on your Celtic Winter. I like all your little finishes. It's always so satisfying to get these completed.

Julie said...

Celtic looks amazing.
A lovely collection finishes you have been making up