Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Time flies

I didn't realise that it had been so long since I last posted, goodness knows where the time has gone.

A lot of it has been spent out in the garden, it keeps me going and keeps the stress at bay.

We've been busy redoing the veg plot at the bottom of the garden, it's been getting too much for both of us, DH doesn't have the time and I don't seem to have the energy these days. We'd put some fruit trees in last year but we've added a few more and completely grassed it all over. I've still got room to grow a few veg and we've got lots of big tubs to use too.

Lily and Callum enjoying the new swing that Granddad has made.

The strawberries growing in hanging baskets in the greenhouse.

The tulip tree flowered for the first time this year, only about four or five blooms but it was so nice to see them at last.

Time has been spent stitching and knitting and I've got things together to try my hand at quilting when all the outside work is done.

DH treated me to an overlocker so I've been putting that to good use making some holiday clothes for GD Lily, only little skirts and shirred top dresses but every little helps and Lily's happy with my efforts.

Once again I joined in with the Gift of Friendship exchange. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of what I sent and I don't think that a gallery has been put up yet.

This is what I received from my partner Rachel.

She said it was her first go at making a needlecase and it's so pretty.

I'm still stitching on Celtic Noel and I started stitching Cherry Hill by CCN but to be honest I think my stitchy bug is on vacation but I'm sure it will come back soon.

Well, that's about all my news, not much to show for a couple of months but I have kept busy and I'm sure once I post this I will think of something else to say.

Bye for now,

Thursday, 28 April 2016

An April catch up

Well, we're certainly getting our share of April showers here in Derbyshire, along with the rain and the snow and the hail stones that have the cats scampering in from outside. To be honest they've hardly moved at all this winter, much preferring to lie by the fire and snooze. It must be nice to be a cat.

I hope the weather improves as DH has booked the week off work and we are going to try and get rid of all the rubbish that keeps cluttering up the shed and the bottom of the garden. It makes you wonder where it all comes from. We're also hoping to lawn the vegetable patch over and put the swings back up for the grandchildren.

I've done a little more stitching and I finally got the sewing machine out to do some finishing.

Celtic Noel by Lavender and Lace is coming along and it's nice to pick up instead of the knitting.

These are a few stitches that I've finished off.

Peace on Earth By LHN

Snow Love by CCN

Easter Bunny, a freebie from here

and the Floral Heart by Lesley Teare.

We have managed to get a few hours out in the garden when it's been fine but I'm still feeling tired, the doctor has altered my tablets so I'll see if I feel any different with the new dosage.

The rhubarb is ready for eating

and the blackcurrants are coming into flower.

And just in case you're feeling hungry, I made fruit scones.

Well, that's about it for now,

take care,

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spring at last

Oh what a long winter this has been, although we've had no snow, or at least very little of it, the days have passed really slowly. Anyone who knows me knows that come winter I just want to hibernate until Spring comes round again.

It's not all been doom and gloom, I have been stitching but a couple of pieces were for presents and I forgot to take photos.

I've been plodding on with Celtic Noel and am pleased that it at last seems to be growing.

I also finished Peace on Earth by LHN, just need to do the finishing now but the finishing pile keeps getting bigger, I really must get my finger out.

Another little stitch from Lesley Teare, one of her floral heart designs.
This was a free design and I think it's still there on her page if you want to look.

Another big event was my eldest daughter's wedding which was at the beginning of March.
I didn't manage to take many photos as by the time I'd got my camera out the moment had passed. Hopefully the photographer will have taken some good ones, she certainly took enough. It was a really cold day but at least the sun shone and we were able to have photos taken outside.

They were married in a lovely little church in Stoak, Cheshire which wasn't very big but thankfully it was lovely and warm.

This is her youngest Alex who didn't know what to make of it all but he sat through the ceremony and stood up when we all did and tried to sing from the hymn sheet.

The topper from the wedding cake showing their little family. Sharon had had one on order from a lady on Facebook who let her down and took her money a couple of weeks before the wedding. Thankfully another lady stepped in and managed to do this one for her.

And for anyone who watches Coronation Street this lady was the harpist who was at the wedding Fayre that Tracy and Carla went to. She played all through the meal.

It's a beautiful afternoon and the lawn has just got its second cut of the year and a few seeds have been planted. Doesn't the sunshine lift the spirits.

I'll try not to leave it so long next time,

love and hugs,

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

It's been a while....again

It's a bitterly cold day in Derbyshire but once the housework is done I'm going to sit by the fire and stitch. Last year wasn't a good year for stitching or blogging and I thought about closing my blog down but there are lots of things that I've done that I like looking back on so I thought I'd give it another try.

Youngest daughter's wedding took up a lot of last year as did re-modelling the garden and redecorating the house and the fun doesn't stop there as my eldest daughter gets married in just seven weeks and I've not even got my outfit yet.

I am getting back into stitching and at the moment I am really enjoying it again and I'm trying to do a bit each day. I found a couple of photos that I'd not put on here from last year so at least I've got something to show.

CCN Snow Love

LHN Warm Winter Woolens which was a gift from Barb 

And a new start in the parlour at Needlecraft Haven , Peace on Earth by LHN

Three more teapots have been put on the shelf, just another three to stitch and it's done. These are quick to stitch so I don't know why it's taken so long to do.

A few more stitches have been put into Celtic Noel, I really need to finish it this year.

I'm still knitting away on DH's jumper that I started before Christmas and I've had more stitching goodies for my birthday so I shouldn't be short of something to do.

I know it's a bit late but I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year,

until next time, take care,