Thursday, 9 July 2015

A new start and a finish

The sun is shining here in Derbyshire and doesn't it lift the spirits. I have felt so much better this last week probably because I have kept myself busy and not dwelt on the things that get me down. Thank you for your kind comments and welcome to my new followers.

I have another finish to show.

Sunflower Inn by LHN

I so enjoyed stitching this with the lovely ladies over at Needlecraft Haven, lovely bright colours after sewing so much red on Beatrix.

I have a new start, this is one for DH. He doesn't usually take much of an interest in what I stitch but he saw this when we popped into Hobbycraft the other week and said that he liked it so hopefully I'll get it done for dare I say Christmas, the way this year is flying by it will be here before we know it.

Fragile Miracles by Joan Elliot.

And I've decided that I need to finish Celtic Christmas, she has been on hold for far too long. This is how she looked last time I left her.

Once again it's mostly red but at least it's different shades this time.

We had a lovely Saturday last weekend visiting Lullington Open Gardens, so much time and effort put into the gardens and of course I couldn't come away without buying a few plants.

I think it's called a Galaga or it's common name is Goat's Rue, there's also a Sea thistle to replace the ones that the slugs and snails dined on

These are a few photos from the garden.

This is a self seeded nicotiana plant growing in the greenhouse, it is huge but it's not in the way so we left it.

It's Lily and Callum's summer fayre at school tomorrow, always a nice afternoon out. Catching up with old school friends tomorrow evening and a trip to see our eldest daughter in Ellesmere Port on Saturday so lots to look forward to.

That's all for now.