Friday, 4 July 2014

July already!!

This year is flying past, June went in a flurry of gardening and looking after my grandson but now hopefully it's time to sit back and enjoy watching everything grow. Across the road from where we live used to be allotments years ago but sadly neglected over the years. Last year someone bought the land and turned it into a smallholding with pigs and chickens and geese but the downside was that he chopped most of the trees down which left a lot of the birds homeless. Luckily for us the birds have nested in our very large hedge this spring so we've had lots of visitors that we've not notice before but along with the pretty birds came a pair of magpies which seem to think that our garden is theirs and theirs alone.

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 They are terrorising my three cats and that takes some doing and even the pigeons have been chased away which means that the veg plot has been left to flourish this year if it hadn't been for the abnormal amount of slugs and snails this year.
The fruit garden is doing well, although the rhubarb is almost over we are picking blackcurrants and raspberries by the bowl full, it's lovely to have so much fresh fruit and the blackberries are laden with fruit so much so that I think I may have to switch on my extra freezer to cope with it all.
Stitching took a back seat last month though I did manage to get a few stitches in. July 1st was opening day for the Gift of Friendship exchange. This is what I sent to Gail (no blog)

and this is what I received from RoseMary,

CCN Count your Blessings is finished,

and LHN Blueberries is almost done.

I've also put a few more stitches into Celtic Noel and made a new start on something else but they can wait until next time. One last thing to show, I received this mandala from Chris the other morning and it really brightened my day.

Isn't it pretty!


Jacquie Morris said...

wonderful stitching.. I really like the blueberry design :) oooh and the sheep of course!
Such a pretty yellow rose too..
Your pretty mandala gift from Chris is lovely and colorful ..very nice :)
Smiles :)

butterfly said...

What beautiful stitching , hope you have a lovely summer , lovely time of the year.

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful little crosses. Enjoy your summer!

cucki said...

Beautiful stitches..
Happy summer hugs x

Brigitte said...

We had the same "problem" with a couple of magpies in our garden. They can be really naughty toward the other birds. BUt meanwhile they seem to have moved away to the meadow behind our garden.

Very nice stitching!

Julie said...

We've got an influx of magpies this year too, they do make such a noise!
It's wonderful to have lots of fresh howmegrown produce to feed you...enjoy.
Such pretty stitching and crochet, a lovely exchange you took part in.

Penny said...

I agree ~ the year does seem to be flying by. :) Beautiful exchanges! Sweet finish, too ~ love the little sheep! What a cheery mandala.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.
Your stitching is beautiful (:
Lovely bird photo too. said...

Hi, Sue! The last photo is so beautiful! You made my day by your wonderful posts! The works are really gorgeous, and I wish you inspiration in your further deeds.
Lovely holidays and merry Christmas!