Thursday, 13 March 2014

Just because

I don't buy flowers very often but these tulips were calling out to me this morning when I called in our local shop. At the moment the garden is looking quite bare though there are plants waiting to spring into life but I needed a bit of sunshine in the house and these will brighten up the dullest room.

The weather has been gorgeous for most of the week and even though the wind has had an icy bite to it I've managed to get outside for an hour or two each day tidying up the winter garden and getting it ready for spring. The autumn raspberries have been cut down and the blackcurrant bushes have been pruned. The greenhouse is all ready for the first sowing of seeds, pots and trays all washed and for the first time for ages I haven't had to hunt round for the seeds that I'd saved from last year, they were still in the cupboard where I'd left them. Now does that man that I've been good and not lost them or does it mean that I've not emptied that cupboard for six months!!

Lily and Callum enjoyed the sunshine on Sunday and made the most of it playing on the swings and see saw. It was lovely to get out and play without sinking into the lawn.

Last week was World Book Day and Becky and Josh dressed up as their favourite book characters.

Don't they look cute.

I have been knitting and stitching but haven't taken any photos yet so I'll leave that for another day.

Tomorrow I am going shopping for a wedding dress, my youngest daughter Rachel has decided it's time to get married so they've booked the day for May 3rd next year. I definitely need to lose the extra pounds that have been keeping me warm all winter, just need to find some willpower so that I can fit into the lovely outfit that I've seen. Why is it so easy to put weight on and so, so hard to get it off.

Bed is calling so I'll wish you all a goodnight,

love and hugs,


Julie said...

Beautiful flowers you chose Sue.
How exciting, a wedding to look forward to.
Aww your little ones looks so happy and contented.

Barb said...

Lovely post Sue, we too have been busy tidying and actually got the lawnmower out yesterday,thick fog today we will not be doing much gardening today. Look forward to seeing the stitching and knitting next time. Sweet pics of the children -they grow up so quick.
Oh how nice to have a wedding in the family ,

butterfly said...

Beautiful flowers , I love Spring flowers , The children look so cute dressed up. said...

The flowers are gorgeous.. As well as children. I like to buy flowers for myself on cold days to make me happy. They help me enjoy life and surroundings. Flowers are the only things that can break my heart...