Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Thank you

Thank you for all your good wishes for my recovery. I am feeling a lot better but am still so tired but at least I am able to walk a little further.

Tony took me shopping the other day, just to get me out, but it meant a ride in the wheelchair and all the time we were out I wanted to get out of it, I felt such a fraud even though I really needed it.

I'm not one for sitting about so it's driving me mad having to rest my leg and let Tony look after me, he's been so good but he's back at work this week and it seems such a long evening sitting here.

Hopefully I'll feel a bit cheerier soon and get back into my crafts......all this time on my hands and I don't feel like doing anything. Perhaps a look in sewandso might help!!

Take care all,

Saturday, 11 August 2012

I am feeling proper poorly........

and sorry for myself. I went to A&E last Saturday because my leg had been swelling up since a week last Wednesday and by Saturday it looked like I had swapped a leg with an elephant. I was diagnosed with a DVT and a significant blood clot in my stomach from my groin to the top of my stomach.
I am now sitting at home watching tv as I can't move very far without pain. I can't even stitch as I can't get comfey so I watch and nod and find that the beginning of one programme has merged into the ending of another, but I am so pleased that it has been found and something is being done to get rid of this unwanted visitor, lol. My stomach looks like a dartboard from the injections but a small price to pay to be well again.

I am missing the grandchildren as they have kept away to give me some rest but I can't go without showing you this picture of my granddaughter Lily on her graduation from nursery,

Take care all and have a lovely weekend,