Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A new start, a birthday and a foggy Tuesday

Hello all, and a very wam welcome to my new followers it's lovely to have some new friends. It's been a really damp day so much different to how it was last week when the sun was shining and I was out in the garden every spare minute that I had even though it was so hot.

Yesterday was my middle daughter Kims birthday, those 31 years have gone by so quickly. I went into labour on the 29th which just happened to be the day that Prince Charles married Princess Diana. I made my way through the wedding ceromony on the tv, went to see my Mum and then decided that I'd better get to the hospital.

Everywhere was decorated with bunting and balloons so it was a lovely calming feeling. I didn't have Kim until the early hours of the 30th as I was booked in for a c-section and here we are 31 years later and I feel so blessed.

I have made a new start in my stitching; it's the La-D-Da Bushel and a Peck that I picked out months ago to start. It's an easy stitch with only four colours so it's good for me to ease my way back into stitching again.

         and I've already picked out something else to stitch so my stitching bug must be coming back home.

As for the foggy bit.......that is my head. I've been on my new pills for about ten days now and my head is so fuzzy, I wish the sensation would go away.

I'll leave you with one last pic, this is Gizmo enjoying himself rolling on the lawn in last weeks sun.

Love as always,


Anonymous said...

Hello Sue

happy birthday to your daughter!

Your new start is lovely and so are the flowers in the photo.

Gizmo is a sweetie!

rainbow said...

So glad you are back in action Sue. Your garden is beautiful and what a wonderful handsome cat Gizmo is

cucki said...

Hello dear happy birthday to your daughter
Besutiful new start
Awe kitty is so cute
Hugs xxxx

Janet P said...

Who wouldn't love to be a cat in good home, that was always my DM wish. x

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter, she shares the same birthday with me, although I am somewhat older!
Gorgeous new start, hope the pills work and you soon feel better