Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Goodbye Chester

It's been a sad week this week as on Saturday we had to say goodbye to my loving cat Chester. He was almost 16 and although he'd been looking his age for the past couple of months he still had the energy to race around the house when the mood took him.

He had to go to the vets on Thursday as he had an intestinal blockage, they sorted him out but he never really got over the procedure and by Saturday morning we knew that he wasn't going to recover so we took the only choice that was left and had him put to sleep. I miss him already as he sat on my knee most evenings or at the side of me if I was stitching, but I know we made the right choice and as much as we didn't want him to go, it was the kindest thing to do.

I did manage to finish my ornament for this month, it's been a lovely quick stitch to get me back into stitching. I've not had chance to finish it off as I'm waiting for some trimmings that I need to do it. It's a freebie pattern found here.

I've also done another bit on my Beatrix Potter, I really think that it's time that this UFO was finished. I was hoping to finish this pattern this month but didn't quite make it.

I've also nearly finished knitting a cardigan for Becca my granddaughter, just the button band to do so all in all not a bad month for my crafting.

Now that the girls have all left home I've made the small bedroom into my craft room, another "work in progress" but I'm getting there. It's been lovely having all my stitching and cardmaking stuff on hand instead of looking in drawers or in boxes under the bed. I even felt inspired to make some cards again and really enjoyed myself.

I can't wait for some sunshine, we seem to get rain most days or it's freezing. It's my check up at the doctors tomorrow for my depression so I hope the sun is shining so I feel ok about cutting back my tablets. If the sun's shining I can cope with anything.

Love and hugs,


Sally said...

I am so sorry about Chester Sue. Losing a pet is like losing a family member {{{hugs}}}

Love your ornament finish and you're making lovely progress on Beatrix:)

Good luck at the doctors.

Nicola said...

Oh Sue, I am so sorry that my first comment on your blog has to be on such a sad note.

Our pets are our babies and it is so hard to say goodbye. At the end making the choice to relieve them of their pain and suffering is the greatest act of love that we can do for them.

Sending you a big hug xxx

Rachael G said...

I am sorry to hear about Chester (hugs)
Your ornament is lovely.
I like your colour choice for Beatrix.
Hope all goes well at the doctors

Raysa said...

Hi friend: I am sorry for your loss of Chester, I lost my dog ​​a few months ago, also had to sleep forever, it is very hard, our animals are part of our family. A big hug. (I hope you understand, my English is very basic)

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Debbie said...

I`m so sad for you. I couldn`t imagine losing my beautiful baby/dog, so I can only imagine how you must be feeling!
Debbie Moss

MaryT said...

so sorry to hear about your cat. I lost my 11 year old cat Tim 4 years ago and have just now gotten another cat. Love your stitching so pretty!
Mary Louise in Indiana

MaryT said...

There are a lot of blogs out there alright:) I now have another cat he just decided we are his family now. He had to have been dumped because we live out away from everyone. I don't understand how people do what the do??
Mary Louise in IN