Saturday, 29 January 2011

Look what the postie brought me

I had a lovely surprise this morning when the post lady came, instead of all the usual bills and junk mail I received my PIF from Elisa.

It is really pretty and as I love cats it was very appropriate for me and what Elisa didn't know was that I was going to stitch that for myself as I'd just down loaded the pattern. Now I don't have to and it's been made into a beautiful pillow with the most gorgeous backing fabric. Thank you so much Elisa, I shall treasure it.

love and hugs,

Sue xx

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Beatrix, an exchange and a new start

Beatrix is coming along nicely though I forgot to post a pic last week when I had done another two motifs, I did another one this week so although I'd like to get it finished soon, I can at least see some progress..

My Valentine exchange arrived with Carol this week and I hope she enjoyed receiving it as much as I did stitching it for her.
The pattern is from a Shepherds Bush leaflet, Valentine Folio. Stitched on 28 count antique white jubilee with DMC threads.

My new start is a Country Cottage Needleworks Summer Garden I can't wait to get stuck into it but every time I've sat down to stitch this week someone has either phoned or popped round so not many stitches have been put in. It has been nice catching up with friends and family, nothing like a good gossip or a moan to make you feel better.

As Chris was the only one to enter my PIF, I shall stitch something for her and do a couple of RAKs during the year, the problem is, who do I stitch for, there are so many nice people out in blogland.

Not  a lot been happening in this part of the world though my middle daughter, the only one left at home, has informed me that she will probably be moving in with her boyfriend in July so I might get to have my craft room yet, wouldn't that be nice. I'm not sure how I feel about being an "empty nester" yet but she will be 30 this year so I guess it's about time that she put some love into a home that they can share.

It is freezing tonight so I'm going to make myself a nice hot drink and snuggle down in bed with my book,

Love and hugs,

Sue xx

Monday, 10 January 2011

My Valentine Exchange, Beatrix and a PIF

This is my Valentine exchange piece that Elisa stitched for me on the Exchange Heaven blog. It is really lovely and my poor camera can not truly do it justice. Thank you Elisa, it was really nice to receive it.

And here is my progress with Beatrix, just one motif done but as I have all year to finish it, I'm quite pleased with how it's coming along.

And finally as I said in my last post, I was fortunate enough to be one of Elisa's winners in her PIF so I would like to offer it on my blog if anyone is interested. If there are no takers then I will do a RAK during the next twelve months to people who I think deserve one.

Edited to add that the draw for my PIF will be 23rd January, my daughters birthday.

Everything is getting back to normal; Tony is back at work, the house is getting some order back to it after Christmas and New Year so I'm looking forward to getting plenty of stitching time in before the garden takes up my time, which won't be any time soon judging by the weather we keep getting........

Love and hugs,

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A New Year, a birthday and stitchy updates

I know that I'm a few days late but I'd like to wish everyone one out in blogland a very healthy and happy New Year and may all your hopes and dreams come true.

New Years day is also my birthday so a double celebration in our house although after a hectic Christmas with all the children and grandchildren, it was nice to have a quiet birthday this year spent sewing and knitting while hubby decided to put in a new loft ladder and add to the insulation in the roof. I received some lovely sheepskin slippers, another Lilliput Lane house and some M&S vouchers from my daughters so I feel truly blessed.

Last year as you've probably noticed, my stitching bug kept going on holiday but hopefully, he'll stay with me this year as I have quite a few projects that I'd like to do.

I've joined in with Chris's Quaker SAL and have decided to try and finish off my Beatrix Potter which I started stitching in 2009. This is as far as I got with it.

I've also joined in the Valentine Exchange on Exchange Heaven blog which is coming along nicely.

And, as for those socks that I have been knitting, well, I finally managed to finish one of them after struggling with four needles.

Whilst Tony was emptying the attic, he found my knitting machine that had been up there for a while as I ran out of space to use it; I've persuaded him to bring it downstairs for me so that I can have a play around with it. Goodness knows what state it is in, probably covered in rust knowing my luck, but I'm dying to have another go on it even if I just do a scarf.

I was lucky enough to be chosen for one of Elisa's PIFs before Christmas so on my next blog post I will offer the same to anyone out there who wants to join in. I've also got another project that I want to start, a Country Cottage Needleworks chart that I bought last year but as the batteries in my camera need charging at the moment, I'll put a pic up next time.

It is so cold this evening and we had snow again today so I'm having a lazy night sitting by the fire with the TV and my stitching and trying hard not to finish off that box of chocolates that keeps calling........

love and hugs,