Monday, 17 October 2011

It's been a while

It's been a while since my last blog post and I'd begun to ask myself if I'd ever blog again, but here I am trying to start again and hoping to keep a more positive frame of mind.

June and July were taken up with the garden which I absolutely love, getting out in the fresh air is the best medicine that I could have and although my muscles ached from all the digging and weeding, it has really paid off this year. We've had a bumper crop of vegetables that have been frozen or bottled and will last us well into the new year and the flower borders have been a wonderful sight once they got established after the dry spell that we had. It's such a shame that I'm having to dig some of them out to make way for the Spring bulbs that need planting now but I know come Spring the sight of the daffodils and tulips will brighten any cold day.

My middle daughter Kim announced that she would be moving in with her boyfriend in August and I thought that at last me and Tony would have the house to ourselves but alas that was not meant to be as DD number three, her partner, two children and dog moved back home the week that Kim moved out.

It has been a struggle trying not to interfere when Lily and Callum are crying especially when they've been naughty and want a cuddle so there have been quite a few walks down the garden to get away from it all. I'm sure my three were never as noisy as the two of them are.

The past couple of months haven't been very good health wise either getting one infection or virus after another until at one point I thought that I'd never feel well again but thankfully I am much better and thanking God for every day that He gives me.

A couple of weeks ago we took Callum and Lily to visit Josh and Rebecca and it was a really hot day so they all made the most of it in the paddling pool.

Josh Lily and Callum having fun in the paddling pool, and below taken just a week earlier is Rebecca on a cooler day.
I am trying to get some stitching and knitting in again, though time has been a bit short so no new finishes but I have enjoyed what I've managed to do and now the nights are drawing in I might feel more like sitting in the warmth stitching rather than pulling up weeds.

Well that's about it for now hope it won't be too long before I visit again

Love and hugs


Always smiling said...

Absolutely gorgeous grand children Sue, you must be so proud.

Hasn't Lily grown, it seems it was only the other day when she was still a toddler.

Have lots of fun with them they grow up so fast.

Love Chris x

rainbow said...

Well done, Sue - a great post to restart your blog.

Sally said...

Welcome back Sue. It's lovely to see you posting again. Gorgeous photos of your grand children.

Stitching Kath said...

lovely to hear from you again on blogging land. i cant seem to get back into blogging but i am trying lol

love kath