Sunday, 29 May 2011

A busy weekend

I thought being retired meant more time to do what I want but I think I got it wrong somewhere. I seem busier than ever with the garden to look after, knitting for the grandchildren and of course, visiting them all. My cross stitching has taken a back seat for the past few weeks mainly due to the fact that I've not been able to get comfy with my hip hurting so much, but I found that if I did my knitting I could do a couple of rows, get up and have a potter round and then get back to it. Now I don't know about anyone else, but when I cross stitch I've got my lamp, magnifier, chart and threads all close at hand and once I settle down to stitch I don't want to move again for a while. Thankfully the hip is on the mend and I'm back to stitching again. I've put a few more stitches into CCN Summer Garden and hope to get a bit more done this week.

I've also put a few more stitches in my Beatrix Potter sampler and I'm doing a SAL with my daughter Rachel. I wish she'd have a blog because she does some lovely stitching and she's much faster than me. Years ago I was bought a Lilliput Lane cottage by the children at the playgroup that I used to run, I got more and more of the cottages bought for birthdays and Christmas and in a mad fit I decided that I wanted to stitch a cottage to go with the ornament. Rachel sewed one for our 25th anniversary but my kits lay in the drawer for some time so when she said that she was going to stitch another I thought I might as well have a go too. I was going to change the fabric to evenweave but then decided to stay with the aida in the kit. It's strange working with aida again after using evenweave for so long but I thought it would match the other that I already have. I shall have to see how I get on with it.

We've had the grandchildren here this weekend so it's been a little chaotic but lovely at the same time, it must have been so quiet before they came along because it's certainly noisy now, lol.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend,

love and hugs,


Ma Teakettle said...

Your WIP is gorgeous! I am sending thoughts and hugs for a hip that remains on the mend. I have BTDT, and it is so frustrating when it hurts to sit long enough for more than a few stitches.

Enjoy the busy days of Grandchildren and Gardening, it sounds wonderful :) I love that you are also doing a SAL with your daughter! That is just awesome, how lucky you both are!


Lizzy said...

I'm happy to read your hip is on the mend, Sue and I'm praying it continues to heal for you! Grandchildren do keep you busy don't they? And noisy ~ yes indeed ~ but a sweet kind of noise that is always music to my ears! :)

I love your CCN Summer Garden... such lovely colours and what a beautiful garden stitch it will be once you've finished. Can't wait to see your BP sampler and how wonderful that your are having a SAL with your daughter! I do wish my daughter stitched... alas, she has no interest whatsoever! I am hoping my grand-daughter will love it... she's already trying to pull projects out of my tote bags by my stitching chair when she is here... a postitive sign I'm thinking! I told my son it would not be long before she is stitching happily along with her Mimi! :)

Sending you lots of cuddles and many blessings in stitches always...

Sally said...

Glad to hear your hip is on the mend Sue {{{hugs}}}

Lovely WIP. The colours are so pretty.

amelia said...

I do the same thing when I knit. I get everything I need and ask my hubby if he will cater to me while I sit as it's such a pain to move!!

Do you know what's wrong with your hip?

Hazel said...

I love your wip and have enjoyed browsing through your posts. x

Sarah said...

Verry nics blog have you ;)

Mvg Sarah

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hi Sue, returning the following here. Two things we have in common - my younger son (aka the small boy) is the same age as your Josh and I have just stitched the Tralala cat your friend sent you!
Looking forward to following your stitching.

rainbow said...

Hello Sue,
I found your blog at random and much enjoyed browsing through your posts: just wish I had your energy and your talents

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