Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Still no news

I'm still waiting for news of my latest grandchild's arrival but still nothing to report.

We've had a busy weekend with friends and family popping round which has been lovely and Lily and Callum certainly keep me going but that's probably what I need.

Lily bought me a lovely plant though she says that it's hers really, isn't it pretty...

and I think Stella likes it too....

Sunday was my sister's 65th birthday, she was christened Patricia but she's always been known as Pop as my gran said that she was a little poppet and the name stuck.

This is a photo of me, my dad and Pop, she's the one standing, we are at my grandad's allotment which we had to look at each time we visited. We didn't have a car so we all went on the bus and usually it was a double decker which meant we could sit upstairs looking out of the front window where we could see all around us. After the walk to the allotment we'd go back to grandma's house where she'd have dinner ready, a lovely treat. After dinner we'd sometimes walk home, visiting bluebell wood on the way. In those days you could pick the bluebells and we usually came away with our arms full though by the time we got home they were looking a bit bedraggled but mum always found a pretty vase to put them in. This photo was taken over 50 years ago and I can't believe how quickly the years have flown, so many happy memories.

It's been colder here today so I've spent the day indoors just pottering about, all the plants and seedlings are behaving themselves so no need to go out other than give them a good water later on.

Just a few pots to put away and then I'm through for the day so I might put a few more stitches into something.

Love and hugs,


amelia said...

I used to do almost the same thing with visiting my grandparents. I remember picking armfuls of blue bells and to this day I miss them. Can't you pick them any more? We used to be able to pick daffodils as well, are they off limits too?

Karen said...

That's a lovely story about your trip to your granddad's and your sister. It's nice to have such dear memories.

Lily's/your plant is very pretty! ;)