Saturday, 9 April 2011

Keeping busy

Thank you for the lovely comments and emails I received about my last post and I'm happy to say that I've pulled myself together and am feeling much better, it's amazing what a good talking to myself can do.

I've been keeping myself busy in the kitchen, the garden and getting back into stitching even though it's only a few stitches, I've really enjoyed it.

I love baking, it was my job at one time before I retired and I like to bake at least once or twice a week, more if I can. It always gets eaten so no worries about anything going to waste. DH loves coffee and walnut cake so I made him one.

I also had an urge to make some bread and it felt so good kneading the dough and getting rid of frustration, I must do it more regularly, and it tased really good.

Today has been spent pottering around in the garden, sowing more seeds and potting on some seedlings, it's been lovely to get out in the sunshine and plan what plant is going in which spot, I just hope they all grow. The three apple trees that we planted in March are looking healthy and it's going to be a hard task pulling the young fruit off like we've been advised to, I want baskets full of apples this year!

I decided to do a little project to get me stitching again so I stitched LHN Honesty which was quick and easy and very enjoyable to stitch.

I also managed to put a few more stitches into CCN Summer Garden, I love the colours in this.

We are still waiting patiently for Sharon to give birth, she's due tomorrow but as she was two weeks overdue with Josh, I'll just have to keep on waiting. 

Hope that everyone is having a good weekend,

Love and hugs,


amelia said...

That cake looks really good. Would you part with the recipe?

Sally said...

That coffee and walnut cake looks delcious as does your bread. It would be no good making coffee and walnut cake in my house as no one would eat it but me! Think I might have to come to your house!

Lovely stitching.

Glad you are feeling brighter. It is very hard isn't it {{{{hugs}}}}