Saturday, 29 January 2011

Look what the postie brought me

I had a lovely surprise this morning when the post lady came, instead of all the usual bills and junk mail I received my PIF from Elisa.

It is really pretty and as I love cats it was very appropriate for me and what Elisa didn't know was that I was going to stitch that for myself as I'd just down loaded the pattern. Now I don't have to and it's been made into a beautiful pillow with the most gorgeous backing fabric. Thank you so much Elisa, I shall treasure it.

love and hugs,

Sue xx


Sally said...

Love your PIF from Elisa. So cute.

Carol said...

Oh how pretty.

Lynn B said...

Hi Sue,

I love this pillow that Elisa has made for you, I too love this design, it is in my to do list!

Lynn B

Nicola said...

What a lovely surprise!