Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Another wintery day

I can't believe how the weather has changed since last time I blogged and although I've not been able to get out very far, there's something about the snow and the frost clinging to the branches that makes me glad that winter is here and Christmas is just around the corner.

I've done a lot of my Christmas shopping online this year, I used to love walking in town with such pretty decorations to look at, but lately it's become too much of a hassle to fight my way through the crowds of shoppers all trying to get a bargain, I'd much rather sit in front of the fire with a cup of tea on hand.

I've been busy decorating my living room and thankfully I've managed to finish it and start to put the decorations up. I'm still waiting for Tony to get me the other boxes out of the shed so that I can put a few more decorations on the wall and then it will really begin to start to feel like Christmas.

The Christmas cake is packed away but being fed regularly with brandy and I have to say that it smells yummy. No stitching to show as I have been knitting, a cardigan for me and my first pair of socks which I'll post a picture of later when I find whether they look like socks or something unrecognisable!

I'm looking after Callum, my grandson, today and at the moment he is fast asleep in his swinging chair so I'm having a minute before he wakes for his next feed, he looks so peaceful lying there, you wouldn't believe that ten minutes ago he was screaming the house down......

love and hugs,


Always smiling said...

Hi Sue

So where is a photo of the socks??? You have been so busy decorating, we still have bits to finish in our hall, but I think that will be after christmas now. Yumm Christmas cake ours smells very delicous too.
Happy days with that little grandson !
Love and Hugs
Chris x

Lizzy said...

Thank you for your kind and lovely wishes and blessings for the New Year, Sue! It means so much to be remembered! Your decorations and tree look lovely and I hope you and your family had a wonderfully Happy Christmas and wishing you a wonderfully Joyous and Blessed New Year!

Lovely stitching of late and I'm with Chris on the socks... but what I really want to see is the Cardigan! Oh, how I'd love to knit myself a nice big cosy Cardy! I love them! Do show pics soon, love!

Your Grandchildren are so beautiful and adorable, Sue... there's nothing quite like having them over for an afternoon... it does wonders for the Soul doesn't it! :)

Love your garden, the flowers are gorgeous and it was a shame about the Willow... I do love them! And what a lovely gazebo! It must be a dream sitting there stitching or reading!

Blessings and love always in stitches...