Friday, 12 March 2010

A finish at last

I think that I am at last coming out of hibernation, it's amazing what a few days of sunshine can do to lift the spirit, and finally I have put the last few stitches into LHN Travelling Stitcher which I started as a SAL in January. Two months late here it is mistakes and all.

I knew that I'd made a mistake but the mood I was in at the time meant that I just couldn't be bothered to frog the house and the tree and as there's probably only me who's going to look at it all the time, I decided to leave well enough alone. I've not put the date or my initials on yet because I don't know whether I want them on seeing as it's going to be framed and not made into a stitching bag. All I've got to do now is decide what to stitch next, there's still plenty to do on my Beatrix Potter which got sidetracked last year, and there's still a couple of UFOs lurking in the bottom of my sewing drawer so I won't be stuck for something to stitch but I really fancy something different.

I've also been doing a bit of knitting, but sometimes I relax so much when I'm doing it that I fall asleep so I don't get very far.

This is a little cardigan for Lily, it's supposed to a little extra gift for Easter so here's hoping that I can finish it on time. It's quite an easy knit but I'm not sure about the band round the neck yet.

It's been so lovely to have had a bit of Spring weather, even if it has rained a bit today, it's still been bright and the days are getting longer so it will soon be time to get out in the garden and give nature a helping hand. There's just one problem with this sunshine, it shows up all the dust.....

Sue xx