Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A new month

I am so glad that February is here as January wasn't the best of months for me and ended last week with my youngest daughter Rachel being admitted to hospital with chest pains. Thankfully she is out now though she has to take a strong course of antibiotics and as she is three months pregnant it was a very worrying time for her with all the drugs that she was given when she was first admitted.

We've looked after her daughter Lily for most of the weekend and it's been lovely to hear her shout my name when she wakes up in the morning and even her singing away at 4.30 one morning was a joy. I can't believe that she will be two years old on Sunday, it doesn't seem five minutes since she was born.

I thought that it was about time that I posted a photo of my Travelling Stitcher SAL as I think this is the last week and I'm nowhere near finished yet.

This is what I had done by the end of the second week but then I couldn't find the cable to attach to the camera to download the photo. I have done a little more since then but not a lot so I must try this week and stitch a bit more.

I hope that wherever you are that the weather is better than it is here, very wet and windy, just the sort of day to sit and stitch if only I could get off here!!



Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter - I hope all is well. Time does fly by I can't believe my little one will be 3 this year - they are such a joy aren't they. I have welcomed February this year had an awful January. Michelle x

Erynne said...

I was wondering about you....so glad to see you posting, Sue!!
Your Travelling Stitcher is looking good...such a cheerful pattern; I'm really enjoying this one! :o)

Claire said...

Hope your daughter is on the mend.You sound like a lovely nanny :0).Great stitching too.

Always smiling said...

Hi Sue

Lovely to see you're feeling better and blogging again, its a new month and so a new start for you.
Happy stitching all nest week!
Chris x