Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Stitching and strawberries

It's been a busy few weeks since I last posted on my blog, time has a habit of flying by when you're having fun. Lily as usual has kept me busy and so has my poor cat Chester. No sooner had I posted the pic of him on my last post, he got attacked by another cat and was quite seriously mauled. His head and neck had to be shaved and as the other cat had nicked a vein, he had to have staples in his head and chin to stop the blood. He's now on his third lot of antibiotics because his jaw keeps swelling up and if there's no improvemnt by Sunday, then he's got to have an operation to investigate. I hope that it calms down for the weekend, he's getting a bit too old to be put under.

We've also had a couple of visits to Chester to see my new grandson Joshua, who is now a happy and healthy 12 lbs. He's having to have physio on his neck as being overdue in the breech position has made his neck weak on one side but Sharon says that you can see improvement after only a couple of sessions.

On the stitching front, well, I've hardly picked a needle up in the past two weeks as Tony has been off work so we've been doing all those little jobs that need doing around the house that I can't manage on my own.

I received my exchange gift from Carien for the Gift of Friendship bookmark exchange, this is what she stitched for me along with the card kit that she gave to me.

I stitched for Debbie who said that she liked flowers and butterflies.
She let me know that she loved it and the colours that I'd chosen were her favourite.

And finally stitchy wise, I have to say a big thank you to stitchin' sweet Sue for the goodies that she sent to me. A few weeks ago on her blog she posted a pattern link for some felt strawberries and I happened to comment that I didn't have any red felt left. No sooner had I commented than she offered to send me some which she did in double quick time along with some charts and a skein of Weeks Dye Works thread that I'd never tried, indeed a true act of kindness. So Sue, just for you, here is my effort of making those strawberries and I now realise why you said that they were flying round the room.Align LeftThe garden is rewarding us after all our hard work.
The chillis are waiting for some more sunshine to ripen but we've picked loads of tomatoes, sweet peppers and we are giving cucumbers away as fast as they grow. It's certainly been a good year for the greenhouse.......



Always smiling said...

Hurrah it worked!! I haven't been able to get to the comments?
Your green house veg are fantastic I am well jealous!
And that book mark is lovely and your own made card, you're really clever. Beautifully made as usual.
Take care

Chris x

Always smiling said...

Hi Again Sue

Thank you for entering my PIF again!! I feel a lot better and last night slept all night, the first time for 8 nights! I kept waking up I think it was stress.
This house leasing and step daughters is just too much!! LOL
Our allotment is doing much better than our garden as it is all open and no trees to shade it. We have veg coming out of our ears!!
Happy gardening and stitching!!
Chris xxxx