Tuesday, 16 June 2009

An up and down week

Well, it seems ages since I wrote anything on here yet it's only two weeks but time has a habit of slipping away from me lately and I haven't felt the best either. But, hopefully, now that the sun has made a welcome return, I shall start to feel brighter again.
I've not done a lot of stitching as even that didn't sem to pull me up from the black hole that I was in but I do have a little progress from last week of LHN Natures Beauty. I have done a little more of this but not enough to make a difference so I didn't bother taking another photo.

I also stitched a scissor fob for a friend and I liked it so much that I made one for myself.
It's a freebie design by The Drawn Thread and I didn't stick to the colours on the chart but I think these go well together anyway. I've done a little more, and I mean a little, on my Beatrix Potter but a picture of that can wait until the end of the month.
We have been busy in the garden, taking down all the wire and fencing that we put up to keep Rachel's cats from getting out on to the main road and tomorrow we have a load of turf being delivered so that we can extend the lawn nearer to the house so another busy few days.
The garden is looking very green at the moment as everything seems to have finished flowering and the summer flowers aren't quite ready to show their faces yet.
We have a few roses in bloom that brighten the place up, this is one that my friend Diane bought us for our pearl anniversary last year, Sharon my eldest bought us the same one but it's not quite as open as this one yet.
This is my old bench where I like to go and sit and grab five minutes peace and quiet; the flower borders are actually beginning to fill up again after being either pulled up by an over enthusiastic husband or an ever growing army of slugs and snails last year.
The greenhouse is thriving; the tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and aubergine have all started to grow well and we even have some tomatoes on the vines and three or four cucumbers growing already. I love watching everything grow, especially when it all goes right for once.
This was taken last week and I swear everything seems to have doubled in size since then, it's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do.
I think I'd better head off to bed as the vegetable garden needs weeding tomorrow as well as all that turf coming so I'd better get some beauty sleep in......


Gaynor said...

Sorry you feel so low. Hope it gets better soon. The garden looks lovely and the colours on the scissor fob are just perfect

Lisa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. Hope to get to know you through the Exchange Heaven blog group.

Michelle said...

I agree time does run away with us. Your stitching looks lovely. I too love these designs. Your garden looks so pretty. I hope you are feeling better now - we are in for some lovely warm weather towards the end of the next week. Love Michelle x

Always smiling said...

Hi Sue,

Time does slip by and you are kept busy with that little grand daughter and a big garden so don't feel so bad about yourself. The stitching is gorgeous as usual and I love that scissor fob design its lovely.

Happy stitching and enjoy sitting in that beautiful garden,

Chris x

Solstitches said...

That fob is gorgeous and I really love your choice of colours.
Your LHN is lovely too.
Feel better soon.


Lula said...

lovely scissor fob