Saturday, 30 May 2009

Home at last

We went to see baby Joshua last Sunday and while we were visiting at the hospital Sharon was told that they could go home. Unfortunately Joshua didn't settle, he wouldn't feed and never stopped screaming which he had done a lot of in the ward but everyone thought that he just had wind. By 3. am Monday morning Sharon and Carl had to take him back to the hospital as he was still screaming and since then it's been one long round of tests until he could come home again. Poor little mite had canulas in both hands and a feeding tube up his nose; he had to have a lumbar puncture and heel pricks and lost a pound off his birth weight which was very worrying.

Hopefully now that he is home he will be able to settle down with his mum and dad and enjoy his new home. I'm longing to go and visit but we've said we'll leave it until next weekend so that they can have some time together without constant visitors. This is the only photo I have of him and it's not a very good one but I can keep having a look at it until I can cuddle him again.



Always smiling said...

Hi Sue,

Baby Joshua is gorgeous, another grand child... I hope Lily is giving you some stitching time!!

I haven't forgotten about the LHN charts.. so watch for the postie. How is your Beatrice sal?

And yes a busy month for me but I don't look after my grand daughter altho this little Nell is such a wicked one, we now have our veg patch surrounded by chicken wire fencing!
Chris x

Michelle said...

Aww what a lovely little baby. Love to all the family. Michelle x