Monday, 20 April 2009

Back to blogland but nothing to report

Last week should have been an easy week with Tony off work, but then I had to have Lily an extra day but I thought that as Grandad was at home she'd be no trouble, she wasn't, it was me who was the trouble.
I was so frustrated at not being able to go out and help in the garden that I was getting a bit down, but never mind, I thought, I'll play with Lily and help outside when she has a nap. This was the week that she decided that naps were out and running up and down the garden was in!
By Wednesday evening I was shattered and I'd not managed a thing in the garden; we'd played with those big lego bricks for most of the day and we'd made a big tower to show her mum when she came to collect her which was duly demolished as soon as Rachel walked through the door. Then one of those daft moments happened when although you want to cry, you try and hide it with a smile. Yes, I tripped over a lego brick, bouncing on to the door frame and ending up in a pile on the hall floor. Tony came running when he heard the bump, took one look at me lying there and when he realised that it wasn't Lily who'd fallen over he walked off laughing. He did come back and pick me up though so he's not all bad.
All day Thursday I could hardly put my foot down and I'd also jarred my wrist so I've not been able to do much at all, not even stitch as it was my sewing hand that I fell on.
It did give me time to sit and think about how life is going for me at the moment and what I need to do to get out of this ever deepening rut that I'm digging for myself. I'm hoping that the higher dose of my thyroid tablets will kick in soon as I'm still so tired and I don't want to feel like this all the time. I have made a list of what I need to change to make things better and the top of the list is to get myself more organised as, with looking after Lily, any routine that I used to have has gone out of the window.
My plants are growing like mad in the greenhouse and if I don't get round to potting them on soon all the effort of growing them will have been wasted, I just hope that the lovely weather that we've had today carries on through the week, I need to get out there...



Lula said...

Aw... bless you.I trod on one of Jacobs toys today and I covered the tears with yelling at him to tidy up.

Lula x

Always smiling said...

Hi Sue,

Sounds as though the lego brick fall was the last straw! And trying to get things done in the garden with a little one is difficult... make use of the days you don't have her and don't do anything else! I could have done the ironing today, or stripped the girls beds as they have gone back, thank God! or even pushed the vacuum around but instead I spent all day in the garden! My inlaws are her for lunch on friday so I 'll clean friday morning!!! LOL
Keep smiling as life is too short, make lists and rip them up and garden and stitch to your hearts content!
Love and hugs Chris x
PS Lily will soon be at the age where she will dig her own little patch!

Michelle said...

Aww Chris - sending you lots of hugs.

Love Michelle x