Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Gift of Friendship.

I received my GOF from Chris (http://alwayssmiling24.blogspot.com/) I wish I knew how to do a link properly but I don't. It was a lovely Christmas biscornu in the reds and greens that I had chosen and it's truly beautiful.

She also sent a Lizzie Kate pattern, some buttons which will come in handy for Lily's cardigan and a lovely Kath Kidson tin of pins so I feel quite spoilt.

I sent to Sally in Canada and she said that she loved the biscornu that I had made for her though she isn't a big chocolate eater so the selection box that I sent might last her for a while.

I've really enjoyed doing this exchange and I am now looking forward to opening my cards on January 1st for my birthday thread exchange. I've been in it for three years now I think and I love the little surprises that are sometimes tucked away with the cards and thread.

I was naughty last week and splurged out on six LHN charts from ebay. They were a bargain so I had to have them and they only cost me £7, a small price to keep me busy during winter............

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