Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Soooo cold

It's been a real cold start to the morning; frost has covered everything in sight and my wallflowers are looking rather wilted sitting out in the garden, hopefully they'll pick up once the sun comes through on that side of the border. It's beautiful and sunny now and if it wasn't for the fire stoked halfway up the chimney you wouldn't think that it was so cold outside.

I've just put Lily down for her morning nap which are getting less and less frequent these days, she just doesn't seem to want to sleep and as she's all over the place I daren't leave her too long out of my sight in case she falls over. My last day for the week though, her mother takes over until next Monday, so four days of catching up on what I've not done.

I did manage to get a hearty stew going in the oven before she got up, one of Tony's favourite meals, only the dumplings and shallots to add later so an easy day cooking wise. I might even make a rice pud to go with it for afters though I probably won't be able to move for hours after I've eaten it.
Rachel's three cats don't like this cold weather and they've started picking on each other and the fur is literally flying everywhere so a good hoovering is on the cards for tomorrow. I'd love to have a move round with the furniture but at the moment I can't see how it would fit in any differently, will have to get the tape measure out and work it out.

I think that it's time for a cuppa then I'd better make a start on the two piles of ironing that are waiting for me. I might manage to get a bit done before Lily wakes up. you never know...........

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