Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Time flies

I didn't realise that it had been so long since I last posted, goodness knows where the time has gone.

A lot of it has been spent out in the garden, it keeps me going and keeps the stress at bay.

We've been busy redoing the veg plot at the bottom of the garden, it's been getting too much for both of us, DH doesn't have the time and I don't seem to have the energy these days. We'd put some fruit trees in last year but we've added a few more and completely grassed it all over. I've still got room to grow a few veg and we've got lots of big tubs to use too.

Lily and Callum enjoying the new swing that Granddad has made.

The strawberries growing in hanging baskets in the greenhouse.

The tulip tree flowered for the first time this year, only about four or five blooms but it was so nice to see them at last.

Time has been spent stitching and knitting and I've got things together to try my hand at quilting when all the outside work is done.

DH treated me to an overlocker so I've been putting that to good use making some holiday clothes for GD Lily, only little skirts and shirred top dresses but every little helps and Lily's happy with my efforts.

Once again I joined in with the Gift of Friendship exchange. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of what I sent and I don't think that a gallery has been put up yet.

This is what I received from my partner Rachel.

She said it was her first go at making a needlecase and it's so pretty.

I'm still stitching on Celtic Noel and I started stitching Cherry Hill by CCN but to be honest I think my stitchy bug is on vacation but I'm sure it will come back soon.

Well, that's about all my news, not much to show for a couple of months but I have kept busy and I'm sure once I post this I will think of something else to say.

Bye for now,


gracie said...

the yard looks lovely and those smiles tell me the kids like that swing. Nice exchange gift. It is good to see your post today.

Brigitte said...

Vegetable gardens are a lot of work and you need someone to eat all the produce, lol. That's why we just have lawns and only bushes all around the garden. It's just enough work for DH and me.
Your garden looks lovely like that.

Julie said...

The garden looks super and what a great swing grandad made.
A nice exchange gift.