Monday, 10 April 2017

Getting back to normal

 .....or as normal as I'll ever be.. I had a bad start to the year with one thing and another but hoping that now Spring has finally arrived I'll be in a better place. I have tried to keep busy but it's been mostly reading and falling asleep, two of my favourite hobbies at the moment.

I have done a little stitching, please excuse the photos, I do think it's about time I had a new camera.

Another tea pot has been added, just one more and then all the backstitching to do.

Lots of stitches put into Celtic Noel that seemed to take forever.

And because of this, I remembered that I had this to finish off. I don't know what he was doing sitting in the bowl.

I started this one years ago and stitched something wrong on it, once upon a time I would have frogged it all but it took me a while to find the mistake when I picked it up again so I've left it.

I've missed doing my stitching but can't seem to get motivated at the moment, any ideas on how to get into a routine again?

The garden is coming to life with lots of blossom on the trees and it looks like we might have a bumper crop of fruit this year, especially looking forward to seeing what the new fruit trees we planted last year will produce. We've already had a couple of rhubarb crumbles and still loads more stalks to pull.

Just a few photos of the garden before I go and hopefully I won't be so long in posting next time.

Thanks for stopping by,

Sue x


Una said...

Hi Sue,it's been a while since we spoke,,,I'm pleased that your feeling better but I know what your saying it's been the same here,I'm loving the teapots,I have t been blogging very much myself but will get to it again I hope,so you just take care,until next time

cucki said...

Aww such lovely projects..
Pretty flowers
Sending you love my dear
Take care x

Lillie said...

Lovely WIP and your furbaby is simply too cute for words.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Julie said...

Lovely to see a little note here Sue, we've missed you in the parlour at NH.
Your garden blooms are looking lovely.
What a sweet kitty you have.
Nice stitching - a nice bright and cheery small design might get you back into the stitching mood or a lovely stitched bookmark you can use in a new read.

Chris said...

Superb stitching Sue and lovely garden pictures..Celtic noel is coming along nicely and a cute kitty stitch.. nice to see you back in blog land.

Brigitte said...

Nice progress on your projects. I hope that you will soon find your stitching mojo again.