Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Where did this month go?

After Christmas I was full of good intentions but it wasn't to be. I came down with the flu type bug that was going around on New Years eve and it's only this past week that I'm feeling better. New Years day was my birthday and I did manage to get up for a couple of hours but I felt so weak that I soon went back.

Flowers from my DH cheered me up, he also bought me a set of saucepans which I really needed but then bought me a pair of boots too so I forgave him.

Before Christmas I joined in with an exchange which I like to do, it only happens twice a year and I can cope with that. This is what I stitched for my partner Marilyn.

I finished Cherry Hill by CCN,

and finished another tea pot.

Celtic Noel is still having a few stitches put in now and again but as they are all over the place it's hard to see where I've been.

These are my good intentions that I mentioned earlier on, presents from Christmas that need doing.

Looks like I'm going to be busy.

love and hugs,


Karyn said...

Happy belated Birthday, Sue...what a huge bummer to be sick on your birthday! In my family that would earn you a "Birthday Do-over," and I pass it on to you. Hope you are truly feeling better. The flowers are gorgeous, the sauce pans while necessary might have required me to be a bit off...but the boots would make it right...gotta luv our men!
Your stitching is all gorgeous, Sue, and I can imagine Marilyn's joy when she opened her exchange gift, that Santa is so fun...I love his flower.
"Cherry Hill" is wonderful and the floss colors make we want some cherry pie, lol, as they are yummy.
I also love the teapots, so fun.
You have been busy, despite being unwell, I am impressed. Take it easy though and don't push yourself as this flu bug has been rough on everyone with the fatigue that seems to want to hang around.
Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve with the gifts that need doing...

Julie said...

I know all about that awful bug.... mine started mid December and is still hanging on, three courses of antibiotics later!!
Gorgeous selection of gifts you had, good luck with the socks. Did you see on her blog there is a new tutorial for cable socks .... cant wait to have a go at them.
Happy stitching and sewing x

butterfly said...

Hope you are feeling better.
Love all your stitching , looks like you are going to have a busy year.

Brigitte said...

This awful bug seems to have been around the whole globe. I hope that you are rid of it now and that you feel fine again.
Lots and lots of new projects to keep you busy this year. And wonderful stitching.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Sorry to read you have been ill, Sue. That flu bug has got to a lot of people. You've done some lovely stitching and received some great gifts (excluding your saucepans :) ) for your birthday and Christmas.