Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New Beginnings

Walking down the garden the other evening I nearly tripped over a tiny hedgehog taking an evening stroll in the veg plot and it wasn't long before we spied another two joining in the fun. I wish they'd been out a few weeks ago to catch the slugs that have stripped my dahlias bare. 

Since then I've noticed them lying out in the sunshine in the afternoon which is odd as I always thought that hedgehogs were nocturnal. We have a large slate trough in the garden and they must live under there as that's where they seem to scurry to if they hear the cats about.

The garden is looking lovely at the moment.
The roses are blooming though a lot of them have been damaged by the rain.

and the clematis that we cut down and moved has had its best year yet.

I've had a couple of little finishes and have started on a new stitch, it's been lovely getting back into the swing of things.

and now for the meaning of the blog title

Just like the lily in our garden pond, I feel that I am starting out in a new chapter of my life. Some things have been happening lately that have made me change my outlook on things.

I've realised that family and friends need more of me than I've been giving; I had a wake up call a couple of weeks ago that really shook me and since then I've tried to make sense of what a really matters. I've always been a believer in God and there have been quite a few long talks going on so I hope He's been listening.

I'm sure He has.

Sue x


Sally said...


Just found your blog.
Your stitching is lovely and your garden shots are great!

Sally said...

It's lovely to see a post from you Sue. Your stitching is so pretty and I love the photos of your garden.

I hope you are OK {{{hugs}}}

Janet P said...

Where were those hedgehogs when you wanted them!! I am sure God is listening to you. x

Mii said...

Glad I found you, cute little pic of the hedgehogs :-) a very pretty cross stitches!

Julie said...

A lovely post Sue, your little hedgehogs are lovely. Beautiful stitching.
Our garden looks worse for wear this year with the damp conditions we had, never mind, there is always next year.

Anonymous said...


I'm a new follower of yout blog.
Your finishes are lovely.
Great hedgehog photos - we had one in our garden but it was too dark to photograph it.

Beautiful flower photos too.

Melissa said...

Hi Sue. Thanks for popping by my blog :) I'm glad that I've been able to find you blog as a result! Your garden is looking lovely! I've had a lot of trouble with slugs in my garden as well but we don't have anything as cute as hedgehogs to get rid of them. And boy do those hedgehogs look cute.

Love your stitching finishes!!! Looking forward to seeing lots more!

Happy stitching


cucki said...

hello dear sue, its me cucki from south africa..your new follower..
thank you so much for following my humble blog.
your stitching is so lovely..and flowers are so beautiful..we just going towaards spring now..
hugs xxx

Shebafudge said...

Beautiful stitching! I love the Merry Christmas one.

Baby hedgehogs...WOW! Send them this way, we have so many slugs that if they were any use to anyone we could go into business. They have had nearly all our veg this year.

gracie said...

Hello new friend...thank you for joining my blog...I love your garden and I just love hedgehogs!

Jan said...

Stopped by to say Hello to you, Sue and to say your pictures are gorgeous!! And as for God listening? I know He is....

Lovely blog, I will return!