Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A time to relax

Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, you could almost think that it was the beginning of Spring instead of the start of Autumn. The garden is beginning to look a little tired now that everything has bloomed but there is still plenty of colour out there. It will soon be time to dig everything out to make way for Spring bulbs and then another gardening year will be over.
We've spent a lot of time out there this year, pulling stuff down and building things up but I think it's been worth the effort. The willow tree that has been causing concern for the past couple of years was finally taken down this summer; it had got too big for the garden and was overhanging next doors garden too and although it looked really nice in full leaf, it never stayed that way for long.

This was when Tony started to take it down,and here it is before we started on the backbreaking job of digging the roots out. We'd had the idea of putting the grandchildrens swings there but then we decided to build something for us, or at least Tony did.

This is what he came up with, all his own work and design and I couldn't have asked for anything better.

He finished it just in time for our anniversary in August and I've already spent many an hour out there reading or stitching. The pots were full of busy lizzies the week before I took this photo but some greedy slugs came and devoured the lot.

I do have a little stitching finish to show....

I really enjoyed stitching this LHN, Rose Sampler, just what I needed to get me back into the swing of things, now to decide what to stitch next......

Take care,

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Susan said...

What a beautiful place to sit and stitch! Your pieces are so very good!