Monday, 21 September 2009

An exchange and a proposal

My gift came today from Wendy Jo for the autumn/halloween exchange on Exchange Heaven and it is absolutely gorgeous.

The finishing is perfect and the colours so rich. She also sent me a piece of fabric that I shall certainly find a use for. Thank you Wendy Jo.

My other news is that Rachel, my youngest, phoned me last night from her holiday and told me that Darren had proposed and she had accepted. Me and DH knew he was going to ask her as he came and asked for our permission last week which I thought was rather nice. Of course we said yes as he's been so good for Rachel since she met him 18 months ago and after her first disastrous marriage she deserves someone who'll take care of her.

I managed to get some more stitching done on starlight last night until the spiders started invading the house. We had two giants crawling round the living room but thankfully Tony caught them both otherwise I'd have still been jumping up and down on the settee, I am such a wimp!!!

Have a good day whatever you're doing.....



Always smiling said...

Hi Sue

Lovely exchange that you've received and beautiful rich coloured fabric, well deserved and great news about Rachel. I hope she will be very happy and Lily too.
Love and hugs
Chris x

WendyJo said...

I am glad you enjoy the exchange I sent you Sue.

And congratulations to your daughter!! What wonderful news!!!!

Wendy Jo

Labores de Mercedes said...

Such a beautiful exchange!!.
Congratulations on your daugther's wedding. Have a nice day.