Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Another sunny day

It's been another glorious day in the garden and me and Lily have made the most of it though most of the time she's been picking up stones and putting them on Granddads bench and I've been taking them off again, still it keeps me fit.
I'm hoping that the weather holds out for a little longer as I want to get some planting done while Lily is at home with her Mum as there's not much chance of getting anything done while she's about.
She comes with me most days to check on the progress in the greenhouse and to see if any more seeds have sprouted overnight. The sunflowers are ready for potting on though a lot of the other seeds that I planted are still on the small side.
The vegetable plot is looking bare since we dug it over two weeks ago but it won't be long before it's filled up again with some lovely home grown veg.One thing that never fails us is our rhubarb patch and we always have far too much of it even to freeze so we tend to get lots of rhubarb loving friends calling round for a handful. This is only one little bit of it, it gets huge in full growth.

And finally, this is what I found in a little corner where I keep old plants that I thought were dead, I'm so glad that I didn't throw it out.



Gaynor said...

Oh lovely..and you have reminded me I have to move my rhubarb!

:: wee bird :: said...

I should share my rhubarb relish recipe with you.We have it wish our salmon.Delish.

Erynne said...

Oh my goodness....I love that vegetable bed!!! I have the room for something like that but I'd definitely need some help to set it up. Oh and look at all the babies sprouting up...yay!
Lovely display of daffs and muscari!!